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MY 2355.  Having redeployed what probe teams I could find, I take 3 Spartan cities by Total Thought Control.  The 4th eludes me because a screen of troops is in the way.  I take 1 of the troops in preparation for next turn.

Detailsthe nerve of some dictatorsthe nerve of some dictators
MY 2356.  How did Santiago figure out that I was about to whack her to bits?  Well hey I'm all about the pretext.  I savor my Noble reputation in the face such infamy.

I am obsessively building Flechette Defense Systems at every base, even now, out of the perceived fear that "someone could hit me with a missile".  Now who could that be at this point, eh?

Detailsto swat or not to swatto swat or not to swat
And now the moment of truth.  Do I take the Spartan capitol, stop the sandboxing exercise and win the game?  I think so.  If nothing else, being pestered by so many cities has gotten to be a drag.  I think I'd rather play a new game with the 1.14 rules.  This game didn't get the major changes in Fusion, Quantum, and Singularity engines until the very end of the game, so I don't actually know what that progression is like.

Detailsput them to the swordput them to the sword
I have enjoyed your pensive company, Santiago.

Detailsadvanced advanced spaceflightadvanced advanced spaceflight
In celebration of our victory we erect a giant floating flower in geosynchronous orbit over Gaia's Landing.

Detailsnumber crunchingnumber crunching
I never know if my scores are any good, but this is less than I was spending to buy out size 1 bases at the end of the game.

Detailsmeaningless metricsmeaningless metrics
So what am I 452% of?

Detailsit is good being lime greenit is good being lime green
The replay movie was abrupt, with a sudden splotch of green exploding at the end.  The area in the center without green was a Pirate enclave with only sea bases ringing the coast of the continent.

Detailsgood riddancegood riddance
Yes go away!  Quit smothering me.  The moral of this story is no matter how much you think you're going to sandbox, you're going to conquer everyone eventually.


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