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Detailssave scumming the artifactsave scumming the artifact
Mission Year 2133.  Hommel's Citadel contains 1 Scout and 1 Alien Artifact.  Time to strike hard and fast!  The Gaian's lack of a MORALE penalty in this mod is going to help here.  I reserve the right to save scum this combat until I actually gain the Artifact.  I'm not sure why it sometimes gets captured and sometimes gets destroyed.  Smells like a bug.

It worked first try!  I have the Artifact and am 30% wounded.  We'll see if she rushes another Scout next turn.

Detailswhere is my Flash Gordon musicwhere is my Flash Gordon music
She did not rush, so Hommel's Citadel is mine.  Their unhappy citizens will be a source of my colonists.  I will try to walk the Artifact back to my main cities unescorted.  I do have another Recon Rover completed this turn, so I can keep up the momentum.  Ordinarily at this point, I'd be asking her if she wants to surrender.  But I said I was going to sandbox everyone, so I won't do that.  Maybe she will be my first runt weenie sandboxing exercise?

Detailswhaddya want wimpwhaddya want wimp
Walking my Artifact south, I run into another colony pod.  At least now I know which way to send the next Recon Rover.  This is a shooting gallery, she's got the wrong posture.  I'm not even gonna talk to her!  I'm not slowing down, I have the momentum. I want this weed pulled. When she's got 1 city left to the north, out of my way, then we'll talk.

Detailsno use crying over spilled artifactsno use crying over spilled artifacts
Didn't know a Colony Pod could do that.  I'll get it back soon enough.  Except... it's not in the same square as the Colony Pod now.  Maybe it has vanished.  Maybe it has mysteriously teleported itself to a different Spartan city.  These Artifacts!  So unpredictable.

I said I would get it back.  The AI isn't too bright about marching Artifacts around.  This time I'll tuck it away in the base and stay put, until a Former arrives with a proper road.  My Recon Rover spam will continue to cover and consolidate my small empire.

Detailsanother one bites the dustanother one bites the dust
Mission Year 2136.  This is their punishment for stealing my Artifact.

Detailstightening the noosetightening the noose
Mission Year 2137.  My larva is next to a Spartan Scout that just popped an Artifact.  I'd attack if it was on open terrain, but it's on Rocky terrain and their high morale is likely to kill me.  So I will forbear and pop the pod next to me.  I've got 2 Recon Rovers closing in, thanks to a pod popping that completed my production.  Knock on wood, but I think I've go the Spartans under my thumb.

The AI is so stupid.  Good thing I restarted my last turn and moved my mindworm onto this opportune bit of fungus.  I got distracted while writing my last post and moved incorrectly.  Now I'll have my cake and eat it too!

Well, drat.  It didn't really work out that way.  The unprotected Artifact was immediately seized by the Scout standing next it, between turns before I could do anything.  You win this one, Sparta.  I'm popping that pod.

DetailsI cannot count that highI cannot count that high
Wow.  Santiago has got quite a scouting industry going with these things.  Is that 3 she's snagged?  It almost begs me to let her keep doing her thing, so I can keep taking them.


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