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Details14 completed projects14 completed projectsDetails6 more and a dead city6 more and a dead cityMission Year 2293.  I complete the Empath Guild and the Cloudbase Academy, which are both late game projects now.  Sky Hydroponics Labs, Orbital Power Transmitters, and Nessus Mining Stations come even later.  I do have Orbital Defense Pods available, and Flechette Defense Defense Systems, so I'm making an anti-nuke screen.  Nobody actually has nukes yet, but Cha Dawn is building one.  He lobbed a Conventional Missile at me this turn.  The AI isn't spammy with missiles because they're more expensive now, but nowhere on Planet is safe from them.

Detailstrying to do nothing badlytrying to do nothing badlyAll my core cities are size 16 now, so I don't need to grow anymore.  All these penalties really add up!  I don't want a negative PLANET rating because I don't want to fight stacks of mindworms.  I don't want my POLICE to go any lower than -2.  It wouldn't affect my war with the Cultists, but I have a lot of mindworms and captured units in the hinterlands.

Detailsyou just want my mindwormsyou just want my mindwormsMY 2294.  I'm really shocked at this result.  I know I'm far more powerful than everyone else, but notice that Cha Dawn's rating is actually FORMIDABLE.  Well ok, I'll take it.  No need to belabor my supremacy if I can get this game over with fairly soon.  Onward to Yang.

Detailsbut I wanted more mooneeeybut I wanted more mooneeeyMY 2297.  Cha Dawn ceded dozens of troops to me, leaving me absolutely without fear of mindworms.  I sent all of the R-Laser troops back to my home territory as a reserve.  I went Free Market, wanting to use that to pay for a Police State.  I'm hoping that Political choice might induce Yang to surrender sooner.  I've only got -1 PLANET because of Eudaimonia, and I will soon take the Manifold Nexus from Yang.  I forgot about the possibility of Global Warming.  Hopefully the Centauri Preserves I'm building will stop the flooding.

DetailsI am like you just betterI am like you just betterThe destruction of the Hive is imminent.  I was able to eliminate all his screening troops in front of the city, and blow away his artillery, but I didn't have enough left to actually shell him.  He's got a lot of defending forces, but I've got massive numbers of units due to Cha Dawn's donations.  I've got Chaos lasers and Demon Boils to crack open his defenders.  Just for good measure I threw my last 3 Elite Probe Teams at his Perimeter Defense, but they all died.

Detailssurrender any time you are readysurrender any time you are readyI had a Conventional Missile that I don't need for scouting anymore, so I threw that at him first.  My Elite Chaos units alone blew most of his good armor away.  Lesser Chaos units destroyed his mediocre armor.  Impact peons destroyed his Rovers.  I even captured an Artifact!  The Manifold Nexus is mine, and my PLANET rating is now 0.

DetailsI knew you could do it Duffy MoonI knew you could do it Duffy MoonWhat a pushover.  Now all I have to do is put a couple of cities around the Nexus so that the Hive can't reclaim the land.  I count 550 + 131 + 111 = 792 votes under my control.  209 + 82 + 42 + 37 = 370 opposing, so not enough for Diplomatic Victory yet.

DetailsI am tuh DonaldI am tuh DonaldMission Year 2299.  I have sent all my units to their home cities.  I have chosen an Explore research focus.  If I get Habitation Domes, voting wise it's game over.  I've gone Democratic Free Market Wealth Eudaimonic, so I've now got the maximum +5 ECONOMY.  My vassals and I have enacted a Global Trade Pact.  With a 40-20-40 budget I'm making 2323 credits/turn, so an Economic Victory is also possible.

Detailsour children would not be good factory workersour children would not be good factory workersMY 2300.  The Consciousness is griping about the Pirates.  They've been griping about my Eudaimonia for quite some time as well.  If I don't side with her, I'm expecting this to trigger war.  The Pirates believe in Wealth so ideologically, I'm a better match for them right now.  I don't have any problem wiping out the Consciousness, it's just a question of getting a rail line to her.  I've got enough of an existing fleet to slowly sail to her by water as well.

Detailsyour children will be good furnace fuelyour children will be good furnace fuelDetailsdrive that rail eastdrive that rail eastI am building a new generation of Clean Formers to make my rail laying faster.  Some of the Consciousness sea bases are right next to the Hive, so I can attack those quickly.  However there is no straight land path to their main island, unless I take over a Pirate base.  I wonder if Svensgaard will simply trade bases for it?  Or I could buy it legitimately, as I do have piles of cash.  A problem: he's ignoring our hails.  I will have to bring a Probe Team over to get his attention.  I might as well build a Covert Ops Center and make it an Elite team in case he balks.

Detailssave scumming is my friendsave scumming is my friendMission Year 2301.  I didn't realize Chiron Stigmata was 10 meters above sea level.  Whether one can save a city by insta-building a Pressure Dome, depends on weird inter-turn order of evaluation rules.  Selling off a Tree Farm seemed to help matters.  Another city I did know was at risk, I solved the problem by raising land until the city was at higher elevation.  This works well in new settlements without much development.  It often has disastrous consequences in old developed settlements, and I had to cancel a similar raising at one of my home bases.

Detailsa bull market for dunebuggy futuresa bull market for dunebuggy futuresThe flooding had disastrous ecological consequences for Smokestack Hill, which reverted to Great Dunes.

Detailswe do not need no stinking retroviralswe do not need no stinking retroviralsAt the end of this year I started playing with the version 1.11 rules.  This doesn't have any substantial effects on my empire, although it does make The Cloning Vats gratuitously available to me.  I will refrain from building them until I've actually researched the missing prereq.

Detailsthe wealthy fight finethe wealthy fight fineI do get slightly less of a net MORALE Penalty, now only -1.  My net PLANET penalty is the same.

Detailsyou fight like a cowrie shellyou fight like a cowrie shellMission Year 2302.  One city conquered and Aki Zeta5 summarily surrenders.  I won't need an eastern rail or that Pirate base after all.  I wonder if a Conquest victory would be a mere formality at this point?  I count 564 + 136 + 109 + 36 =  845 votes under my control.  Opponents have 218 + 86 + 42 = 346 votes.  I still don't have Diplomatic Victory, but it's getting close.  I just completed a Covert Ops Center.  I will send out some Cruiser Probe Teams and buy some enemy cities.

DetailsI would have tried giant inflatable tentsI would have tried giant inflatable tentsMY 2303.  With Hab Domes available, this game is all but over.  I may have the votes before my Cruiser Probe Teams even arrive at their targets.

Detailsyou are in my wayyou are in my wayMY 2304.  Miriam settled a sea base right next to one of my cities, blocking my western port access.  I'm not having it.

DetailsI meant to say cockroachI meant to say cockroachShe didn't react well to my insect comparison.

Detailsmaybe you should have offered yourself to me to begin withmaybe you should have offered yourself to me to begin withSailing into her size 1 unoccupied sea base brought the expected result.  I don't think the AI is thinking very hard about diplomacy.

DetailsbureaucratsbureaucratsBased on my last calculations, that tips the voting balance in my favor.  Perhaps I should thank Miraim for her transgression?  Except that, I can't actually call the Council right now.  It wasn't that long ago that we all signed the Global Trade Pact.  I think I will make Santiago capitulate next.


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