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It's not right to keep cluttering the cooking thread and I don't want to sully my random one. 

So, I'm officially about where I was 4 years ago. 

Because the pants fit again.

I'm tempering any celebratory shenanigans however, as you really can't tell.  I don't really LOOK any different. 

I've more or less got the corn syrup habit kicked.  Other corn products/ingredients are more difficult to cut out just because of their ubiquity. 

The Simply _____________ products have really eased the soda problem.  Simply strawberry lemonade, or simply mixed berry, etc.  I was genuinely surprised how many of the orange and fruit juices had corn syrup.   A little juice glass curbs the soda crave most the time. 

Next on my list will be cutting down on sugar, however.  (not fructose, just sugar sugar)  with most the substitutes and allergy problem, we'll see how it goes.

I'm at just over 200 lbs, which is about 10 lbs less than my heaviest. I need to lose probably 20 lbs. Easiest way would be to cut down on mountain dew. I also need to lay off the snacks/candy and the muffin+juice for breakfast.

Rusty Edge:
Corn starch and corn sweeteners are rather ubiquitous. But, if you can eliminate an allergen, it's usually worth it.

I find that managing sweets was a lot like when I had to manage salt. After about six weeks of determined effort to avoid it, my taste re-calibrated so that I prefer it without any added.  Also, cinnamon curbs a sugar craving.

Yeah I’ve hit that point with corn syrup.  It just doesn’t taste right.

My biggest problem is the water at work sucks and I can’t conveniently pack some from home any more.  Meanwhile hydrating is key to the gall bladder issues. 

Rusty Edge:
Quantitative- My last weigh-in was steady to a couple of tenths of a pound. Maybe I'm retaining water as the temperature increases again. Bought pants today. 4" less on the waistline than the last pair I remember buying ( and they were built to stretch, expecting further growth).

Qualitative- 1) I was trying to catch a cat under the bed. I could feel the end of my breast bone. I can't remember the last time that happened. 2) Also, I forgot to bring my CPAP machine. My wife insists I didn't snore. I slept through the night without waking up. I am, or was, the loudest snorer I have ever heard in my life. Two nights so far. 3) I can wear my belt buckle on the front of my pants without it digging in to my belly when I sit.

That's all well and good. Since I am fishing and I promised myself some exceptions to the rules I have been following with such rigor, I am also compensating with some extra physical activity/exercise. So while things are different, I hope to at least hold steady for the duration of the trip.


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