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Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
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    Changed from version 1.15 to 1.16:

    - Cybernetic Consciousness: set ai-fight=-1 making them Passive.  They nuked me in a test game, unprovoked!  That in and of itself might not be bad, but their society was Police State Planned Power Cybernetic.  They were way ahead on tech.  I think they would be even more dangerous if they concentrated on tech, instead of arms industry build-em-ups.  An unprovoked nuke makes enemies with everybody.  That hurts their trade, and research benefits from trade.  They really should sit back and relax, it's to their advantage.   I made them Aggressvie because they can steal a tech when they conquer a base.  But they never need to steal a tech, they always have the best research anyways.  In the LONG term, Passive is better for them than Aggressive.


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