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Scientists discover new organ in human body



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What Is the Interstitium? Scientists 'Discover New Organ'
By Kashmira Gander   On 3/27/18 at 9:59 AM 

The interstitium, the shock-absorbing tissue underneath the skin, gut and blood vessels, has been identified as an organ for the first time according to a new study.

Researchers think the layers of the body previously believed to be dense, connective tissues are in fact interconnected compartments filled with fluid. According to the team co-led by New York University's (NYU) School of Medicine, the interstitium is an organ in its own right and one of the largest in the body. If the research, published in the journal Scientific Reports, is widely accepted, the interstitium could be regarded as the body's 80th organ.

Supported by a mesh of strong and flexible connective tissue proteins, the interstitium protects the organs, muscles and vessels that keep our bodies alive by absorbing bumps and shocks.

The scientists behind the research hope that the discovery will help determine why cancer that affects this area of the body becomes more likely to metastasize. It could be because the fluid in the interstitium drains into the lymphatic system, which plays a vital role in the immune system.

Saw this, very interesting.

They don't like acknowledging it but we know oh so very little about the human body.

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