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Detailscha lousycha lousy
Well, here it comes.  Cha Dawn has recently gone to war with the Believers.  I'd like to get Miriam's comm frequency for sake of completeness, but I haven't been willing to contact Cha Dawn about that, because I don't expect this to go well.  Noncommittally he says, ":danc:  :hunter:".  I say, ":whistle:".  After noncommittally asking for a bunch of other absurd stuff, designed to make backstabbing all the sweeter for him, he declares war on me.  I guess he wants to see a real power in action.

H'minee recently completed The Empath Guild.  She's listed as Noncommittal but I'm not sure I trust that prognosis.  I've noticed it has a nasty way of shifting to some other value when you actually go to talk to someone.  I will not pester her about comm frequencies for now.

Lal might like me better, now that we have Cha Dawn as a common enemy.  He's not answering my hails though.  Give it time, Lal.

Hey at least this will be a relief from tilling the earth!  Free Market aside, I expect summary conquest.  Cha Dawn is still by far the weakest power in the game.

Buster's Uncle:
I've been enjoying the smilie incorporation.

I find it interesting to contemplate the visual symbols that would be needed for diplomatic communication.  It has been done in some games, but I think The Sims is the major exemplar.

I steal Cha Dawn's map, revealing our geographic relationship to the Caretakers.  So far the Caretakers only have The Empath Guild to make them "invasion worthy".  Roze is about to complete The Planetary Energy Grid, a race I never even got to try.  So, the Caretakers may not end up with much in the way of Secret Projects to offer for the trouble of assaulting them.  It might be better to let Cha Dawn persist as a buffer state.  Still, mobilization is in order, because I do have an empire of Scouts.  Need to at least create a front line of tougher stuff.

DetailsDeirdres wallDeirdres wall
Deirdre builds a wall to keep out illegal immigrants.   ;hippy  The kind that tend to show up with Impact rifles.  In doing so, she knocks a lot of would-be Secret Projects into the dust.  Can I now do some trades and get some of these techs?  Lal is Belligerent and won't trade with me, so no.  Not even gonna try to talk to H'minee, she's Seething.

Detailsno ai integrityno ai integrity
Why am I getting these things 1 turn after Deirdre completes them?  Smells like cheating.  Why am I getting it anyways?  My research focus is Build.  I'm supposed to be getting Industrial Automation.


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