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Detailshi lalhi lal
Look who manages to show up by boat.  I suppose being at the center of the world and surrounded by ocean has some advantages.  I wonder how this is going to go?  He says, " ;caretake;  :mad:  :hunter:".  I say, " :whistle:".  He's Solicitous, but won't sign a Treaty, won't trade techs, and wants 375 credits for his rotten Optical Computers.  Pass.  Well that didn't go badly though.  Didn't get a chance to ask him for other comm frequencies.

Buster's Uncle:
Hey - speaking as just another member, I hate it when you do late post edits w/o marking the additions with "Edit:".  Like, nobody cares if it took you more than the 15 minute grace period I put in for edit notices to nail all typos and phrasing, but the additions can be hard to spot, and it makes me a little crazy when I already read the post before the edit. -Which I always have in the daytime; I live here. ;nod

Noted for future preparation, but the edit occurred on the same turn that post was made, because I thought to do something in the morning that I didn't think to do that night.  For my own conceptual organization, in those cases I will continue to do the same, not splitting turns between posts.  I do have my own life / sleep issues to contend with.  It is not likely to happen very often, and I wouldn't do an edit of anything really critical, so I would suggest not worrying about it too much.

Detailsfree marketfree market
When I was 1 turn away from getting a new tech, I tried to trade techs.  However Lal's price was too high as usual, and H'minee is now Belligerent towards me.  I researched Industrial Economics and have now gone Free Market.  As I'm no longer suffering an Efficiency penalty from a Planned economy, I'm now at +2 Efficiency.  This is needed because I had plenty of extra drones from Bureaucracy, my empire is getting so big.  Now people are happy and I'm only spending 20% on psych, which is better than usual for running an early Free Market.  30% is more typical.

I have so many cities, that my vast horde of Probe Teams doesn't look quite so vast anymore.  The core cities in the Jungle still have plenty of extras, but all other cities only have a garrison of 2 Probe Teams.  Why 2?  Well, they're weak teams, only Disciplined.  I made them in cities that didn't have Command Centers.  I figure 1 isn't good enough, they'll just get killed and not serve any real defensive function.  Since I have so many of them, I'm doubling them up.  Soon I will have my "peninsula" completely covered in cities, and then I won't need any more.

To this day I have only built 1 Command Center.  Cha Dawn has been Seething at me for a long time, but he's weak.  I still have my original Scouts in most cities as there just isn't any military threat.  I build Recon Rovers to make a better defense than Green troops, and I gradually shift the old Scouts around.  Cha Dawn can't perform any kind of meaningful surprise attack, I will see him coming, and there's a vast horde of expendable Formers in his way.  I still have no idea where H'minee is but I suspect "pretty far away", as I haven't seen any of her ships.  Some day I suppose I should beef up my coastal defenses in case she finally does show up with a barge of hostiles.

Buster's Uncle:
Just be religious about keeping substantial additions/changes at the end and/or putting in the "EDIT:" and I promise not to worry about it.;)

Detailscaveat emptorcaveat emptor
Belatedly - as in exactly the sort of thing as the last time I saved the game and did something in real life ;lol - I realize that since I now have Industrial Economics, Lal might be inclined to trade differently with me.  It's still the same turn, but I rang him up.  He wants my Industrial Economics but he wouldn't trade tech for tech.  He is willing to have me buy Gene Splicing.  200 credits for a useful tech, is definitely a better deal than 300+ for a useless tech, like he wanted for Optical Computers.  So I buy.  Bonus points: he didn't get a tech out of this.  He wasn't real eager to keep trading, he signed off right after that.  His loss.  He's Ambivalent towards me, whatever.  Think he could cut me some slack for not going Police State.


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