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shall I write more AARs or are we done here?

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The reason why the unfinished AAR had so many views is because I used people's custom factions and mods.

People are always looking for things to mod their game with. They've played the other factions to death by the time they come places like this.

Mods are a pain in the ass and there are TONS of [poop] mods. They want to see someone else play them so they know if they want to get it.

AS far as unfinished, I only had a very few. That one, in particular, I ended up in an unexpected place in life where internet was very limited. Nothing I wish to go into, though.


--- Quote from: Green1 on April 21, 2018, 10:07:18 PM ---They've played the other factions to death by the time they come places like this.

--- End quote ---

I wonder to what that degree that's true in the present, and will be true in the future.  It's like saying, "Nobody's a noob."  I wonder if unit sales of SMAC on Good Old Games are known at all.  A proxy would be activity in their tech support forum.  I don't typically inhabit it because the discussion is rather low level, but perhaps I should make an occasional pointer to here.

Buster's Uncle:
I'd really like to see how you and BlanekW -he hangs at GOG AC forum last I knew- would hit it off...

--- Quote from: Kurvivor on February 26, 2018, 12:47:27 PM ---I have no relation to the administration of this site, save for being under their, well, patronage - such as it is, with no one to set up new multiplayer games (cannot be bothered to give links, games that failed to start for the lack ofCMN can be found easily in corresponding part of the forum)
--- End quote ---
You know, don't you, that far from being a CMN, I've never even been an MPlayer at all, and there's much that needs doing in Command Nexus that I wish would happen, but am neither competent, nor comfortable trying to get done myself, absent a qualified CMN finding time - and of four excellent CMNs who've stepped up and taken charge in the life of AC2, every soul has gotten pulled away IRL by a new job, a new baby, or both.  If I knew how to find or make a good CMN, believe me, I would; that's easily the difference between lately, and twice as much on-topic activity for AC2...

-I think you're just commenting on the situation, not attacking anyone, but I thought I'd best make all that clear...  -We need a veteran player who would NOT let authority go to his head to volunteer for CMN training, frankly, and I could probably talk some of the others to finding time to train him...

Ok, I've let conversation in this thread go for awhile now, because I wanted the world to see that "we did heal" after the huge historical kerfuffle awhile back.  I think that healing has long since taken place, and we shouldn't be "stirring up the history" as some kind of front-and-center thing for any new person on the site to look at.  I've written 2 AARs since then, one of them completely epic and better than anything this thread was originally about.  So yes we were not done here, we all moved on, that's the big moral of the story. 

I would like my massive AAR "Cybernetic Consciousness" to remain on the top of the AAR heap until something comes along that should properly eclipse it.  Like another AAR from someone, or a serious new discussion about the art of writing AARs, whatever.  But this thread is turning into a "catch-all" and I'd like the discussions to continue somewhere more appropriate, like in Theory of Everything, Modding, or Command Nexus.  Ergo as the OP, I'm exercising my ability to lock the thread.  I don't find fault with anyone, I can be as off-topic as the next person... but it's time to do this.


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