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With the aid of a Planned economy and an Artifact I already had in my base, I complete The Weather Paradigm.  That knocks Miriam out of the race, although I don't think she was a contender anyways.  I wonder how close anyone is to The Merchant Exchange?  Sunspots have ended, but I have no diplomatic contact or infiltration.  Well at least I should get warnings about others completing it now.  I may be able to complete it with cash, particularly if I pop a little money from a sea pod.  By the time my Artifact arrives, it'll be overkill for that.  Do I care enough to overkill it?  To be honest I'd probably rather have The Virtual World, if I have to choose.

Even though I have a -1 Industry penalty, I think I'm doing better this game because nobody's bothering me, and I have enough land to do my thing. I get to see progress, instead of being handed stressful #### sandwiches.

Deirdre completes The Empath Guild and calls an election.  Lal is poised to beat her by 2 votes.  I vote for Lal even though he was going to win anyways, just to express my preference for him.  Deirdre is not going to like my Planned economy and I won't be shocked if she goes to war with me when I talk to her.  Whereas I will probably go Democratic soon enough to offset my current -2 Efficiency.

Now let's see what everyone has to say.

I'll start with Miriam, because I'm not Democratic yet and she'll surely have the least amount of tech to trade, giving me a bargaining advantage.  She begins by offering a Pact to attack Deirdre.  Since her might is Wanting, I have no idea where either of them are on the map, and I'm outfitted as a Builder not a conqueror, I decline.  I can definitely trade my Industrial Base for Nonlinear Mathematics, as my Artifact is 1 turn away from reaching my base.  If I want to complete it next turn, I can.  No I don't want your map.  No, no free techs, you're already Magnanimous anyways.  Should I offer an alliance?  She may not actually be at war with Deirdre yet and might take it.  Nah; find out more about everyone first.  Lal, Miriam, and Roze will go to war eventually, and I need to know which of those is relevant to me.  Santiago out.

Hmm.  Aki, Zhakarov, Lal, Roze, and Deirdre.  All strong research factions.  Who will be the least technical, that I can bargain the best with?  Well since Lal is working on 3 copies of The Merchant Exchange, he must not have Planetary Networks.  Let's try him.  Hm, won't sign a Treaty and isn't prepared to share research at the time.  He's Noncommittal and cut me off.

Sometimes Aki stupidly gives up Doctrine:Loyalty, so let's try her.  She's only working on 1 copy of The Virtual World and has growth problems as a faction, so maybe she doesn't even feel she can complete anything.  She's Cooperative and Feeble.  She wants my Nonlinear Mathematics for Progenitor Psych; I don't trade.  I could offer an alliance and thereby learn what other techs she has, but I can also figure that out in other ways.  I'm going to make a wild guess that she hasn't done well and hasn't researched Doctrine:Loyalty yet.  I will try offering another trade and see if I get any better option to try than Progenitor Psych.  Nope, she offers to sell it for 100 credits.  Not interested, I need my cash for SPs, and certainly not for Progenitor Psych.

Roze might have less tech than Zhakarov, so I'll try her.  She has a tendency to give away Planetary Networks, but I already have that so it doesn't matter.  She's Obstinate, Pathetic, and wants a Pact to attack Deirde.  Thanks but no thanks.  She offers Progenitor Psych for my Doctrine:Flexibility.  No, I think that just increases the expense of my research without any benefit.  No I'm not giving it to you for free either.  We sign a Treaty.  I'll try an obligatory new trade offer, but I don't think she has any more tech.  Nope, same deal.  Santiago out.

Time for Zhakarov, as I'm saving Deirdre for last.  Wow, everyone wants to beat Deirdre up!  I'll pass.  Do I want to trade my Ethical Calculus for his Optical Computers?  It's kind of a speed bump tech, and will make my own research take longer, but I do need to get his Secrets of the Human Brain out of him.  So ok.  Well, he won't trade it anyways, thinks he's too good for me!  We sign a Treaty.  I try the trade again.  This time he does it.  Trading again.  My maps for Progenitor Psych?  I could do that, but I'd rather have Polymorphic Software.  He won't do it, so I take his first deal.  Further trades?  Yes I will buy Polymorphic Software for 100 credits.  My Artifact will overkill The Merchant Exchange next turn anyways.  I don't think I'm ready to ally with him, so I'm signing off.

And now at last, Deirdre.  Lots of people hate you, girl.  She's Seething.  No, a Peacekeeper map isn't worth Optical Computers.  Gene Splicing would be though.  She won't trade it and signs off.  We have a Truce though.

I will check back with other factions to see if I can rustle up any maps.  People want too much for them, but hey... Aki does have Doctrine:Loyalty after all.  She trades it for Optical Computers!  Still don't want a Pact, goodbye.  I switch my SP to The Command Nexus.  As no one else is building it, I can probably complete it with cash in a few turns and save my Artifact for something else.

Miriam wants to kill Roze too.  Whatever.  Nobody's got cheap map info, so I'm done now.  That was a good score with Doctrine:Loyalty though.

Next turn I got a warning that the Peacekeepers are about to finish The Merchant Exchange.  Hopefully nobody starts working on The Command Nexus.

I complete The Command Nexus by ordinary production, saving my 1 Artifact for later.  I've started to make a bunch of land based Probe Teams, since now they'll be trained.  I've got 1 Skimship Probe Team starting to scout my surroundings and 3 more in production.

I'm 1 turn away from gaining a tech, and 3 turns away from using my last Colonist.  After that I think I'll go Democratic.  Better talk to some people now, like Miriam, before I make those changes.  Let's see what's up.

Miriam wants to kill Roze.  Roze wants to kill Zhakarov.  Lal wouldn't trade Industrial Economics for a tech.  He wanted 225 credits for it, which I didn't have and wouldn't pay anyways.  Aki has Intellectual Integrity but isn't trading it.  Zhakarov wants to kill Miriam.  I trade Doctrine:Loyalty for Adaptive Doctrine, which is very useful to me as I don't have any solid armor yet.  He sells me Secrets of the Human Brain for 100 credits!  I'm so set.  I wonder if Lal will recant on his tech recalcitrance?  Point is moot as he's not talking to me.

Switching production from Probe Teams to Trance 3-Pulse Sentinels.  Everyone's gonna be so happy with 2 units everywhere.

Lal turns out to be my neighbor.  He's Belligerent now.  The readouts claim he's Unsurpassed.  I'm Formidable myself and I haven't even built proper garrisons yet, so he'd better watch himself if he thinks he's going to sabre rattle.  I don't have to be a Builder faction, it's just what I prefer doing right now.  I've infiltrated him; he doesn't have any tech advantages.  I founded my last city for a bit, so I went Democratic, unfortunately after I spoke with him.  Maybe my politics will placate him, maybe they won't.

Miriam is also my neighbor.  She's Seething.  I've infiltrated her datalinks.  It's a bit weird to have neighbors who are politically wound up, be Democratic, and still have Lal be Belligerent.

I do a little tech trading with Zhakarov and Aki Zeta-5 just to keep up with the Joneses.


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