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Svensgaard is a douchebag

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I'm sitting next to the island of the Manifold Nexus.  That changes a lot of things.  First I thought I was going to make a Command Center to fight the stalk.  Then since I just got Centauri Ecology, I thought I was going to make a Former.  Now I'm clearly going to build a Colonist and settle this damn island!  And then I need to put scout ships out to sea and actually capture an Isle of the Deep.

I decided that Port Svensgaard will make the land colonist, instead of the sea colonists originally envisoned.  And I'll start scouting with scouts, instead of terraforming.  I can produce them faster and the pods I pop may have value for settlement.  It's just a little confusing being handed so many options at once.

My earlier pod popping wasn't a complete waste.  I made enough cash to rush various things.  Hey why wait 3 turns for a scout?  I'll get one next turn instead.

Ok if I'm going to complete something, I'd like it to be a Command Center.  I dump my scout on that pod next to the Nexus, and it pops a mineral.  Definitely useful.

The scout ship pops an Isle, which I attack and kill.  Didn't take any wound doing that either.  I guess we're still within the first few protective turns.  To be honest I got a little overexcited, I thought "Capture Isles!" when I don't even have the Nexus yet.  Glad it worked out well.

I need to move north with the Transport next turn, then rush the colonist at Port Svensgaard, to maximize my speed of settlement.  Ergo I cannot return to do anything with stuff at Safe Haven for a few turns.  What to build?  Not a scout.  Let's try a Gun Foil.

Crap.  I forgot that Port Svensgaard hasn't grown enough to make a Colonist yet.  Change of plans.  Transport goes to fungus next to Safe Haven.  Change production to Command Center hoping for a completion.  Scout pops pod and gets an Artifact.  When I played it before I got a nutrient resource; heck I'll take an Artifact instead!  Although that nutrient would have been awfully handy next to the minerals.  Oh well.  Change production in Safe Haven to scout, rush the scout.  Put the scout already in Safe Haven on the Transport.  That means next turn, I can drop it on the pod to the west.

I succeeded in using a pod to complete a Command Center, switching it to that before popping the pod, when otherwise working on scouts.  I also got a nutrient in range of the Nexus and the minerals deposit.  I need to put the colony inland, almost right on top of the Nexus.  I got Zhakarov's comm frequency in another pod, but I'm feeling a bit paranoid about contacting anyone before I take control of the Nexus.  I don't actually have a land claim yet, and what if he's in the interior of this fairly extensive land mass?  I only need to wait 3 more turns for certainty, then I'll contact him.  I won't get a tech on my own for 9 years anyways, so I shouldn't be missing out on anything.

Just realized from the graph that there are no Aliens in this game.

Manifold Nexus settled.  I could have had a scout over there, but I botched my Transport shuffling due to grogginess.

Zhakarov and I traded some tech and signed a Treaty.  He wouldn't ally and I didn't get a chance to ask him about other factions.

Well I'm glad I made my land claim.  Look at my new ally, who traded me Planetary Networks, 'cuz she's soft and squishy like that.  Guess I'll be going Democratic eventually.  Svensgaard kinda needs to anyways, to offset his -1 Efficiency.  Not now though.  Bases to settle.  I need a couple more on land to ensure Roze doesn't encroach upon the Nexus someday.

I wasn't exactly wrong about delaying contact with Zhakarov.  He was indeed close by on the same continent.  Roze got a map out of him.  Zhakarov wants to trade his Applied Physics for my Doctrine:Flexibility.  However I'm remembering that each new tech greatly increases the expense of further techs.  As it's not a good trade anyways, and I don't need weapons right now, I see no reason to cheapen my shot at Secrets of the Human Brain.  Well except the 27 years it'll take me to get it.  But of course, I am still settling.

Zhakarov's scout came to my territory and I made him leave.  He got uncomfortably close to that Artifact I was walking back unescorted.  I usually escort them, but I figured in Roze's backyard I'd be safe.  Bad assumption on such a large land mass.  Well no harm came of it.

I succeeded in putting 1 city in the way of Roze to prevent immediate encroachment upon the Nexus.  A 2nd city will secure the southwest direction.  A 3rd on the coast will prevent Roze from ever doing anything.  Well, as long as she's friendly that is.  I can see going Democratic Free Market.  I loaned Roze money, so I'd better be nice to her.


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