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why won't this video embed?

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I'm trying to get this video about SMAC to embed.
Gaming History: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri "The greatest story ever played"
I use the Avea Media button to submit this YouTube video.  It gives me an error: "The embed URL was either bad or from an unsupported site. If you're trying to embed a picture, make sure the Foxy! add-on for Aeva Media is installed."  But the URL clearly works just fine.  What gives?

I've noticed that embedded videos seem to have a # at the end of the URL.  That doesn't help though:
Gaming History: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri "The greatest story ever played"

Is it the quotes in the description text?  Nope.
Gaming History: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri The greatest story ever played

Does the URL have to be repeated for it to embed?  Nope.

Does it not like much of anything in the description text?  Nope.

Does a video maker on YouTube have the ability to block a video from being embedded elsewhere?

Buster's Uncle:
Remove the s from https and it embeds automatically.

! No longer available

Huh.  Well I gotta wonder why.  Although I won't waste brain cells on it.

Because the forum isn't "secure" in the http sense. ;)
While on my cruise the site was blocked by the server on the ship.

    In a related matter,  Firefox (at least) warns me that the log-on here is 'not secure' and hackers could see log-on data. ("Do you want to continue?  Click 'Yes' to expose your gonads to public scrutiny.")
 What would it take to "secure" the site?  Or at least the log-on?  Or is it actually our trick to get more Russian, Chinese, North Korean, Pakistani, Romanian, etc. folks to visit the site?

 I'm not terribly concerned, but not entirely comfortable either.


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