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improving the automated terraforming
« on: February 11, 2017, 04:51:38 PM »
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  • Is there some way to mod the automated terraforming, so that I can express terraforming priorities different than what the game does by default?  IMO the AI does a lot of dumb stuff.  Like putting solar collectors on top of Rocky areas.  They're never going to get used because there's almost never enough food for that.  Or putting Mines on farmland that doesn't have any minerals resource bonus.  Without energy intake, the city is going to founder / riot / not grow.

    In recent games, I terraform all squares by hand.  This is somewhat interesting in the beginning, but probably also makes the game take an unnecessarily long amount of time to play.  I tend to use the same terraforming policies every game.  The problem is that the AI doesn't know what they are and will do stupid things instead.

    Also problematic is not knowing when it's appropriate to plant forests, not knowing that flat rainy ground isn't so useful, etc.


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