Author Topic: Binary Dawn: where TECH TREE? No eco damage? Factions vs AI Factions folder?  (Read 1312 times)

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Offline qepasa

i got binary dawn and i feel like it is more playable and more fluent then orginal tech tree.
but i found problems:

Where can i find detailed TECH TREE?
I want to see not only facilities but also additional bonuses like +1 commerce or 3+ nutritions lifted
Is there anything like this anywhere?

In Binary Dawn i see 2 folders:
AI Factions
So ... if i want to play single player vs AI i copy all from AI factions, and then i overwrite pirates.txt from folder Factions so i got my pirates from Factions, and not AI Factions?
Or maybe these two folders are for different purposes ? nothing mentioned in Read ME

... i see:
Binary Dawn (2.0)\AI Factions\pirates.txt

... while in:
Binary Dawn (2.0)\Factions\pirates.txt

So i play as pirate and i have that plan to drawn whole world:)
I made 8 Boreholes on crater and this city run now 500+ eco damage (80 minerals production) ... but fungus stopped popping and sea level never rised at ALL !! I got few other cities who just started to pollute and they got fungal pops, but my old city stopppppped :( i want to rise sea level to drawn everything ... now i cannot :(
save file attached human.SAV

Offline MercantileInterest

You can find the TechChart file in the main Binary Dawn folder. Will also attach it to this post. It shows fungus benefits, commerce bonuses, increased probe ratings and Economic/Diplomatic Victory but it doesn't show where the nutrient cap lifts or when terraforming options become available. I would add them but I'm planning to overhaul the tech tree one of these days.

Yes, you can use the AI factions for AI just the way you described but you don't need to. The AI factions have a number of boosts to make them more powerful because the computer has no grasp of strategy.

After loading your game, the very next turn triggered multiple fungus booms and a warning of rising sea levels.

Offline qepasa

Can also help me understand what is:

80 million miles
90 million miles
100 million miles

I guess its not from binary dawn, but from Yitzi
Is it for FLAT ROLLING ROCKY setting?
Or is it for
80 million miles - bigger pangea lands
100 millin miles - more fractal small islands

Offline MercantileInterest

It is from Yitzi patch. I don't know what it does but it presumably has something to do with temperature.

Offline gwillybj

Can also help me understand what is:

80 million miles
90 million miles
100 million miles

These are the options for the planet's distance from the star. It affects the planet's temperature and rainfall.
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Offline qepasa

I must but disagree. Rainfall is modulated by cloud cover, sparse, dense  etc.

Planet orbit means how strong is planet gravity, thus meaning that some planets can have very heavy dense iron core inside. that can somehow affect how much heavy minerals travels deep into core and soft ligther minerals travel on surface - for game planet rockiness

I started few games and somehow found out that it not much affects rockiness.

So still i guess that question is open ?

Offline Larrin

I haven't played with the patch, but If I have it right, the "Planetary Orbit" is the distance between the planet and the sun. (what MercantileInterest and gwillybj seem to be saying).

If orbital distance from the sun is used to determine rainfall, it is probably linked to the idea of the star's habitable zone, or "Goldilocks Zone".

 - Too close to the star and all water will be in gas form
 - Too far from the star and all water will be in solid form

I don't think it should directly control rainfall, but it would influence it, and I can understand the reasoning given the limited options in SMAC/x!

My guess would be that rainfall is highest at 80million miles with all of that lovely water vapour? :D

Offline qepasa

well, that can be rigth :) i was wrong.

Offline Larrin

Got to happen sometimes :D

And it turns out these Planetary Orbit figures are there in vanilla game files, don't know what the game uses them for though!


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