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How to change faction flag colors?

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Maybe this new version of SMACX uses a different numbering scheme for the faction graphics.  So when I load a moderator created save, the faction numbers correspond to a different graphic.

However, there a few clues:

1. When I launch a new single player game with University, it displays properly with black characters on white flags.  When I launch a new single player game with Spartans, it displays properly with white characters on black flags.

2. It is not just the flag colors that are wrong on the multiplayer game.  The entire graphics scheme including the base appearances are all Spartan.  I actually don't mind this, except that it still displays black characters, which is correct for University, but which will not show up on the black flags.

3. The multiplayer game faction is truly University.  It shows University on the society screen, along with all of the appropriate bonuses and penalties.  It gives an extra drone with each 4 people in a base.  It behaves just like University.

So it seems that some pointer is off, so that instead of University getting the right color scheme on the multiplayer game, it is somehow pointed to the Spartan color scheme.

So I need to either change this pointer (something I hope a moderator could help with), or I need to adjust the Spartan flag color to something other than black (something that a graphic modder might be able to help with), so that the black characters are visible.

Thanks for your help!

Buster's Uncle:
This is definitely the faction graphics bug.  Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to start the game over at the beginning and then load the save.  If that doesn't do it, try the the first thing I suggested. 

I'm in a little over my head here, as I don't MP at all and don't play scenarios much, so it's difficult to recall what I used to know about this...


Solution to this problem is to install the game again in the same way I sent to you in an email :) it should solve the problem.



It was installing the new version exactly how you suggested that led to this issue.  It solved my serious problem with crashing at a terrain square.

But after doing the new installation, for whatever reason, the faction colors were goofed up.  University switched to Spartans, and Drones switched to Believers.  I don't really mind about the color switch, if it had included the text color.  But the University with Spartan display shows black on black, which is unreadable.  Which is why I did the kludge that I did to get past it.

Believe me, that new installation you suggested was well worth the trouble of dealing with the faction color goof up now.

BUncle made a suggestion that led me to my currently kludgy temporary fix.  I backed up the spartan.pcx file, made a duplicate of the univ.pxc file, and copied this file to spartan.pcx.  It works for now, but not an ideal long term solution.



This anomaly just happened to me when I used Facedit to modify the Gaians to an aquatic faction in a testbed parallel copy of SMACX.
The Gaian HQ seabase shows ostensibly as 'uni white' - but it's not. It's only coloured if there's a unit in the base to 'colour' the flag. The actual colour is "transparent grey" - easily seen on the unit status flags inside the base.

(Similar thing happened to me with the LEGOTM - but that may well have been down to finger trouble extracting the archive.)

The default proggie for opening .pcx files (Adobe Image Ready ) wouldn't open the gaian pcx files at all.
Looks like Facedit inadvertently shafted them. Perhaps under Win98 it was different - that's all a bit hazy these days.

My workaround was this ;--

1) Copy the affected .pcx files (there will be three) from an unmodified gameroot or SMACX CD into the gameroot that is affected, overwriting the files.
2) Return to Chiron where all is now hunky (c/w modded faction in this case.

I didn't need to reinstall, patch, mod - so that was nice.
Has anyone posted a howto in the modding section about this?


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