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How to change faction flag colors?

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Buster's Uncle:

--- Quote from: Rainbow Lizard on October 22, 2012, 07:23:07 PM ---What does it mean by flags? I've never even encountered anything with colour against another colour.

--- End quote ---
All the units - formers, scouts, etc., have a flag with your faction color - also on bases.  It's the color on the world map, too.

Only the Spartans can use black with white letters - no one knows why, only that it's hard-coded into the game.  You can SUBSTITUTE a faction for the Spartans, if you rename the files spartan.pcx, etc., and use the white on black in their place.

There is a bug in MP and scenarios where sometimes it scrambles who uses which graphic - so you suddenly change from looking like the Hive to the Usurpers for no reason.  I never found out if that was Earthmichael's problem, as described above...


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