Author Topic: Run down from tonight's live stream! (and civ list accidentally revealed!)  (Read 830 times)

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Offline Nikolai

Courtesy of WePlayCiv:

Reddit has a run down of the stream from tonight:
(the BIG news of course is the accidental civ list reveal!)

No raging barbarians bc barbarians are already dialed up.
Mount Everest confirmed (y'all were right!), bonus to missionaries and apostles (movement bonus through hilly terrain. Must visit it and get "enlightened" by it)
Visual difference of lakes and oceans still ingame.
Reminder: landmass and continent are different things.
You can see the tips of the other continents in the lens here: main continent purple, little bits of red.
You are able to find out about other Civs through gossip alone.
You are able to find out about wars through gossip.
Illustrations of sea monsters on the map.
Through discussion, you can ask for Civs to stop spying, stop converting your people, stop settling near
Germany is ALL ABOUT DISTRICTS, since unique districts don't count towards pop limit
City-state borders are now quite different looking from major civ borders
Bg music is faint but sounds very percussive, just drums.
"Your delegate, Rupert, found that Pokrovka is facing a siege"
Siege is a brand new concept: if you can surround all six boxes around a city, it will not heal.
Thus, cities on the coast have a bit of an advantage! Enemies will have to block ocean tiles as well to do a successful siege.
Cliffs do not prevent harbors. They do prevent embarkation, until the unit gets a special promotion.
Production menu: dropdown menus for district buildings, and advisor icons.
Encampments cannot be placed adjacent to your city center.
"Your delegate, Rupert, learned that Scythia used a Saka Horse Archer to clear a barbarian outpost." Very granular gossip!
I really like the policy system. They are very dynamically switching from settler bonus policy to builder bonus policy and can really optimize their build schedule.
In the early industrial era, the Logistics policy gives +1 movement to any unit (not only military) that starts their turn in friendly territory.
Reminder: Wildcard Policies can take ANY policy, not only purple Great Person policies!
"Your delegate, Ernst, learned that America has progressed from the Ancient era to the Classical Era."
It does sound like delegates have regionalized names depending on your Civ? Good flavor.
"Your delegate Ernst, learned that America has switched governments to Autocracy."
Differing government diplo malus is smaller in earlygame but may be huge in lategame (Fascism vs Democracy, etc)
Units can max out on exp from barbarians. They must attack other units in order to continue leveling up.
The production menu looks so nice :')
@Cologne: Hey look, its "kuh-lahn" Typical Ed Beach massively mispronouncing foreign names.
FYI correct pronunciation is "kerln"
Official confirmation! Dashed borders signify all sorts of open borders, whether it is because they have not researched Early Empire, or because you have negotiated it.
Civilopedia: tells you how to "roleplay"
German agenda reveal! Iron Crown: Likes civilizations that do not associate with city states. Dislikes Suzerains of city states.
Twitch chat is wiLD RIP Ed Beach
Devs are stone cold
im done i cant top this reveal
There's a unit promotion tree this time to visualize your promotions
You can rename your units in a fun little widget.

This is the revealed civ list:
Come join us at WePlayCiv and discuss all Civ!

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Offline Nikolai

Ah, seems this poor forum software didn't manage to keep the formatting. I had a link embedded in the "reddit" in the OP.
Come join us at WePlayCiv and discuss all Civ!


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