Author Topic: Shall we do a Single Player VI Demo Game?  (Read 496 times)

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Shall we do a Single Player VI Demo Game?
« on: August 14, 2016, 11:58:39 PM »
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    Demo games have been a factor in the creation of this site/community.  I had originally gotten involved in the old CivIII SPDG at Apolyton and had even had gotten heavily involved in the government (All hail the Great Banana)... :)  Many of the people reading this know me of old... and I them...

    Multi-Player brought about the next level of DG, with forging of many bonds, as well as creating a great amount of strife that caused the fracturing and reconsolidation of many to here (after a while over at MZO) and other places.  Team DG's were the thing, as playing a human was much better that the, many times, stupid AI.  But due to the length of time and secretiveness required in a Team DG, as well as having to deal with rules that would attempt to avoid any possible cheats/exploits, killed or soured many Team DG's.

    Newer Civ versions was the driving force behind the introduction of new blood to the community as a whole.  But the bedrock of that community as a whole was centered around that core of old hands from that original SPDG.  As time progresses, that rock has been renewed and added to.

    With Civ6 now looking like what a lot of people had wanted in Civ5 as well as staying with the hex format for terrain, It would seem that we are likely to see a very good resurgance in players or just people whom just want to semi-lurk.  And an open SPDG would be a great way to get things hopping again, I think...

    And the nice thing about A SPDG is that you don't have to have the game to join in and you don't have to keep people out from seeing what you are planning to do...   (anyone remember Case Pink??).

    As for any possible MPDG's, let's let the game playout for a few months before we get into that   OR   run it like we did with A Call to Arms, were the thhreads were open and we were doing it for fun...  and the lurkers...

    I'm BU, and I endorse this message.  It's good content and should prove a lot of fun - possibilities for MP, depending on what's doable after release and a couple patches, are also getting kicked around in that thread.  Check it out...


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