Author Topic: Ed Beach explains how Incans in Civ 5 prototyped Civ 6 districts  (Read 823 times)

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Offline Nikolai

Courtesy of WePlayCiv:

There is a nine minutes long interview at the link.

We caught up with lead game designer Ed Beach to learn more about how districts, civics, policies, and barbarians are changing up the Civ we know and love. Beach, explained how the idea of moving buildings and wonders out of the city centre was an idea for Civ V that was never implemented.

"Even back all the way on Civ V we considered moving Wonders out of the city," said Beach. "We decided we couldn't do that at that time. There were just too many other things going into Civ V iteration of the game with the new unstacked armies and so forth. But we had tried a bunch of different things about positional play outside of the city, even in some of the expansions with specific civilizations."

"Think about the Incan civilization for instance in Civ V," continues Beach. "They got bonuses for placing their specialised terraced farm unique improvement up against mountains. That was actually like a prototype of the adjacency bonuses system that we have for Civ VI. I always found that the Incans were my favourite civilization to play, just because of that. And I knew that was just an example of how this kind of positional play outside of the city was going to make the game much more interesting."

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Found a youtube copy of the interview. 

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