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<snipped from a staff room thread>

I stayed up all night playing stellaris instead :) I'll do it tomorrow if I get up in time.

Id read some rather crappy reviews on stellaris...bugs getting fixed, or just personal taste? 

I haven't encountered any significant bugs, just some text that references the wrong object (science ship instead of planet, for example). And transport ships weren't explained at any point, which was a bit confusing.

The game definitely needs work, but it's gameplay changes it needs, not bug squishing. The planned patches here might give you an idea of what's missing: http://www.pcgamesn.com/stellaris/stellaris-patch-clarke-asimov-heinlein

IMHO, it needs a better narrative, which they could drive with more and better interaction with the AI empires (which is pretty dry at the moment), longer and more interesting event chains, and doing something with the factions mechanic.

In terms of mechanics, I think it probably needs better combat. There's too much in favour of the blob, there are too few controls and some important stuff like scouting is too micro-ey.

Paradox have a good track record of improving their games post release, with a lot of content coming for free, so I'm not too bothered by the slightly skeletal release.

I might not come back to it for a few months, though.

I tried it and maybe the game is an acquired taste but Stellaris is just tedious.


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