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Rusty Edge:
My travels took me to South Carolina this year. I'd never set foot there before, only rolled through on the train, some of that during the night.  Flew to Jacksonville, FL, drove to Hilton Head Island, SC, stayed a few nights, drove to Charleston, SC, stayed a week, then back to Hilton Head for Valentine's Day, drove to Orlando, hit the parks and flew home.

Sure the polar vortex sort of followed us, but it was refreshingly milder than Wisconsin. Spring-like to us.

Anyway, this is about South Carolina and Charleston. I would say the number of American flags and battle flags were about equal.

Took a city tour/ Fort Sumter tour / went to the slave market museum. Shopped and dined, mostly. Learned something, or maybe re-learned something I forgot. Carolina is Latin for Charles  ( just as Charlemagne's empire was called the Carolinian which I did know). The Carolinas were a land grant in gratitude to the nobles who helped to re-instate Charles as king of England after Cromwell's heir bungled the governance. It wasn't named for some queen, as I previously thought. So there were some nobles living there. Charleston was a good harbor which could be defended against Indians, Spanish, slave revolts, etc. Sort of a combined sense of class privilege, militarism and siege mentality. The Citadel military academy grew out of that. They were a walled city. They kept slaves shackled in their homes at night, to keep other slaves from setting them alight while they slept.

The costal plains are marshy, and excellent for producing rice, while the tidal flats were great for shellfish. This productivity supported a high population. They brought in a lot of slaves to produce rice. It made the plantations rich. The richest city in America, and of the plantations holding 500 slaves or more, the majority were in SC.

When slave imports were banned, they made money breeding and auctioning slaves.

Modern day Charleston has beautiful mansions, delicious fresh seafood, and charming people. But based on my interactions with the locals, reading plaques at the historical sites, and the tour guide slipping up and saying "when our nation seceded from the United States..Oops. ", I was picking up what I thought of as a "Texas vibe", as if they thought themselves superior to, and apart from, the USA on some level. 

Yeah, I know, SC is patriotic, with a high participation in the armed services, and a home to many retired veterans.

Is it just me, or do Charlestonians give off a "Texas vibe" ?

Buster's Uncle:
You don't want to get me started again on South Carolina...

Rusty Edge:
These days I'm suffering from a sort of Domino effect. My mother -in-law moved into an assisted living facility. Which means stuff has to get removed from her house, and some of it stuffed in my car and hauled home, or to good will, or to assisted living. My house is already full and in need of cleaning, but my wife needs to make most of the determinations on the stuff in our home. She's busy doing taxes for the extended family, which tends to add to the sprawl and clutter.

Many times, before I can unload my car, or put something away, I have to clear space somewhere else, such as  a closet or basement, or in the garage. The downside to this is that cleared space is a sort of vacuum. I have plans for shifting and re-organizing and consolidating stuff, but other stuff fills the void. Example- I'm trying to make space to move a freezer into my basement. That not only means space, but a pathway wide enough to get furniture out, and a freezer in.  But My wife and resident niece develop grander plans for a basement beauty salon and now a sewing area. Make room for more furniture!

The tasks seem rather daunting. So I wishing that I could either be restored to my youth, able to work faster, with better balance, more stamina, and a back that holds up under a move, OR That I could clone myself and have an extra set of arms and legs for moving furniture, boxes, and big stuff. etc.

When I explained this to my wife she said that if I were younger I wouldn't have the time, I'd be working until dark every night, and then some. You're retired. You've got time that's your advantage. Use it.

You have a local boy scouts troop?  They're always looking for 'service projects', and helping a fellow move crap around is an easy one.  Couple pizzas and an army of teenagers can move a lot of stuff. 

We're in the same kind of pattern right now, though.  Need to move megacraptons of stuff to make room for demolition but I need to make room for the stuff before I can move it.  My resignation to packing away all the Halloween stuff was just the start.  More coming this weekend. 

Rusty Edge:
I'm so glad you said that!
I forgot about the Food Drive on Saturday. I need to prioritize cleaning our pantry. Which will make space for the kitchen table and chairs swap my wife wanted to do with her mother...

I'll have to contemplate the use of a scout troop, or 2 men and a truck as I work on this stuff. I need to do more organization before I need more help.

I have a trip to the home to see about setting up a DVR and getting the phone working right today.

Today I am suffering from dust overload.


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