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Buster's Uncle:
I cannot recall or find a dedicated thread here for my masks and Mylochka's collaborative painting of same, so I thought it was past time.

--- Quote from: BUncle on July 01, 2015, 10:24:40 PM ---I do now have a Masks folder where I'll look for it, and that's going to end up saving me a lot of aggravation, eventually.

Below is the first thing I ever did in plaster, back in 1988.  Most of the people in the class did lame crap with paper plates.  You will be shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that I totally got an A.  It doesn't fit me all that well, because I caved the cheeks in a little as part of the face-shaping.  Mylochka says it's still recognizably me, which I can't believe.

The third is a paper mache impression I did of it a teeny bit more recently.  Looking at the base, you can imagine how much fun it was to separate and mend the back of the horns intact, so between that and having fondness for the somewhat fragile original, I may not do any more copies.  I don't think it's one of M's most inspired paint decoratings ever, but the little dancing devil silhouettes on the face are pretty teh awesome.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: BUncle on July 02, 2015, 04:07:48 PM ---I'm the first to admit that this isn't a fantastic mask, taken as the mask I made and not Mylochka's excellent paint job.  I was starting to resolve, towards the end of the last burst of making, that I needed to be making everything decidedly thicker and more inclined to hold shape around the edges, and stop trying to show off how thin and light I could go and still have a solid result.

I note that for anything I photographed myself, I still have the ridiculously-oversized original pics w/o size/cropping and whatever processing I deemed needed, so detail shots are very doable where anyone asks for a closer look.

--- End quote ---

And for good measure, attached is one Mylochka shot all fancy-like, that's also the only other pic I have readily to hand.  I need to just go through the three boxes near my office and shoot everything ad-hoc as I did above...

There would definitely be some interest, not least on the part of youse fathers of four year-olds, if I had Mylochka photograph the next time I made anything and wrote up my process/techniques, wouldn't there?

Buster's Uncle:
Hmm.  Since I did this for six pages at the Pond in 2011, let's see how hosting on Solver's nickel works out:

Eeexcellent.  I believe this one now hangs on one of Uno's walls.  He will confirm that it doesn't feel very substantial and wants to be wavy around the edges a little, but obviously, Mylochka did a very nice pseudo-Mayan decoration.

Buster's Uncle:
Here's a group shot of a bunch of recent ones at the time...  This one embiggens when you click - and many will make a popup window for your closer look needs.

I'm definitely saving copies of everything as I go through that thread.  For some reason, I've a disturbing lack of faith in my friend Solver...

Buster's Uncle:
It IS the one on Uno's wall - here it is modeled by one of my favorite models...

Rusty Edge:


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