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SinglePlayer League, SPL-training Game
« on: March 20, 2015, 03:45:40 AM »
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  • This is the training game of SMACX-SPL, SinglePlayer League.
    Faction played: Firaxians
    Game of SMAX (Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri - Alien Crossfire)
    Version: Yitzi patch 3.4
    (check version by keys:  <CTRL> + <F4> when in the game)

    Deadline: None

    NOTE: This game is specially designed, please read how to play it.

    Rules are in this thread, first post, where you can also discuss them:

    This game is here to play in "sandbox" to see how the SPL playing experience looks like.
    It is different, most likely, from other games you played, either singleplayer or multiplayer.
    There are elements of both.

    How to play:
    After downloading the game and putting it in your usual, standard SMACX game folder,
    start the game, the expansion Alien Crossfire and choose:
    Multiplayer > Hotseat/PBEM > Load multiplayer
    Load the game, the password is:
    (it is a single space character)

    - The game, although starts through multiplayer button, is single-player, because there is only one human faction declared.
    - You can save the game, as in multiplayer, but then the game quits, as "iron man" mode is always enabled in multiplayer.
    - At the end of each turn you need to press <ENTER> <SPACE> <ENTER>, which is only a little more than in standard
    single player game with feature enabled "wait at the end of  turn."
    - You cannot enable scenario editor in such game.
    - If you restart a game from a save file, that you have already loaded before, there is a warning for you, as in regular multiplayer game.
    - There is no maintenance run through your bases, probably this is the most significant difference for a player.

    - If by mistake you load the game in single-player game mode, it will load, but it will be played by AI, you will soon notice this.
    Please quit such game in order not to "view the future." Restart from your save, that was saved from multiplayer mode.

    - - - = = = * * * = = = - - -

    Mr. Brian entered the Firaxis building. The team was already prepared and waiting. This was a special day.
    They were going to once again attempt to lead Chiron colonization to Firaxian victory.
    The space-time machine was ready and awaiting for trigger. The elevator took him to the Command Room.

    "Mr. Brian, we can start the procedure."
    "Very well, issue the order to the space-time machine crew."
    The technician hit the console keybord.
    "They can ..."

    Suddenly in the center of the room something strange appeared. A space discontinuity!
    A person emerged from it! A woman, red short hair, fierce look, determined face expression.
    "... Miriam!"
    "Mr. Brian," she was now standing in front of space anomaly, "I come from the future, from the events timeline you are about to start."
    She paused for few seconds, but no one was able to say anything.
    "I am on a lost position. My faction turned out to be the most disliked on the planet. I cannot win this game..."
    Still silence. What was she up to?
    "Here." Miriam handed a usb data chip to Mr. Brian. "You have something, that will help you. You will replace my faction.
    This data chip contains information on singularity mechanics. Use it well. And show them!"

    Miriam turned around and stepped into the space anomaly.
    It was too late, anomaly vanished within a split second after the unexpected guest entered it.
    "Stop the procedure. Stop the time machine. Stop it!"
    "Too late!"
    They were all now in a control room of Unity escape pod.
    "We are on Chiron, Mr. Brian"
    "Coast, northern hemisphere, river estuary. It looks like there is useful life in the bay."
    "Looks like great starting location."


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