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Sign me up for the Elite Ladder but can only play pbem but play everyday

ok, sign me up.

where do i connect to the network?

Who's up for a game?

Please sign me in the ladder, but I won't be available for challenges for now, I'd like the ladder to be more filled up so people will see there is still action and players interested :D


--- Quote from: Rincewind on April 18, 2011, 10:48:36 PM ---where do i connect to the network?

--- End quote ---

It's good to see you are new here Rincewind, there is no big network as Battlenet on SMACX but it depends on who you're playing with, so you have to find the players and then decide whether you prefer a TCP/IP game or PBEM. TCP/IP require a set time between players considering the time zone to gather on Hamachi(with it the game has less chances to bug) and launch the game. It can be continued on PBEM or on another TCP game set later on if all the players are there at the same time.

PBEM requires only a CMN to set the game if it is a balanced or predesigned map, or launch a random or planet map with game. You just need the email addresses of other players and time to play the turn when you receive it via/email.


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