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Gaian Luck - AAR

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South from Gaian territory, the first contact after planetfall with Believers. This is the sixth and the last faction, so Gaians have all the commlinks.

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Is it worth to give Miriam Yang's commlink for 30 EC? Maybe, yes. We can broker commlinks and techs.

She has Laser rovers, not the top of armament on Chiron in 2170.

Miriam is not strong, and maybe it is good to aid her, so that later she would better oppose Yang. Believers are on the same continent as Hive.

No further benefits could be achieved. Disconnectiong.

This is interesting. Santiago wants Treaty.

Lal wants Yang's commlink too. Ok, let us do it. Another 30 EC.

But no technology gifts. Lal has doubled votes, so he is competition for Planetary Governorship.

Exchange is different. High Energy Chemistry is very useful.

We are pacted, Lal, you will transfer the map to me in a few moments for free.
Let us reconnect and maybe Lal will offer EC for some another commlink.

No. He will not.

A pity he won't talk. ;)


Plasma steel armor (3) and nerve gas pods. The first is very much needed, but gasing people on Chiron is not something Deirdre would want to do.

MY 2171

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Empath Guild


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Planetary Transit System

So how do they move large number of pasengers before planes?

Travel on Chiron


No, this technology is not worth your map.
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Miriam demands HEC, no wonder, a very important military technology.

Not expecting lasting friendly relations, so no. Too much benefit to you. Later it may change. We will see.

A bit strange! Ok, let us sign Treaty. Commerce is nice thing.


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