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Custom avatars - FREE ON REQUEST - ask here!!!

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Very cool. Now, it'll feel like playing a forum version of STO. :D

Buster's Uncle:
That's sorta the idea.  I've earned nearly 100 in the last 24 hours, so it IS doable.

You can go ahead and post requests before you can afford to put them on, you know...

Buster's Uncle:
Hey Name; I know you don't really need me for this, but how'd you like to buy a really great custom avatar job from me? ;D

I Have No Name:
I haven't really thought of what I was going to do for an avatar yet. I was going to google some stuff eventually, and was probably going to do something completely random(like the 777 I got from the slots) or something funny off of google. If you want to take the time to make something for me though I will use it. If you were hoping for a more specific idea, well like I said I didn't really think about it yet.

Buster's Uncle:
I have a funny idea - hold on.


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