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2012 01 Lost Eden GOTM: Stranger In A Strange World (SMAC)

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Buster's Uncle:
It's conquering the Believers with the least possible Believer casualties.

So you're absolutely not going to win 1st place, ;D but please post a save anyway. 

Welcome to ac2.  A bloody-minded warmonger like you is going to fit right in.

I have attached the save file from my victory over the Believers.

Buster's Uncle:

Now, you are allowed to try again and submit another save - if you tried to head straight for New Jerusalem and conquered only that, you'd have a real chance of winning.  (Quick victory wins over minimal casulaties, anyway.)  You know you want to...

Here is the screen shot for my victory.

The colors are all goofy; that happens for any screenshot I do from SMAC or SMACX.  Does anyone know how to fix that?

Anyway, it gives the satisfying "Eradicated the Believers" dialog!

Buster's Uncle:
What you have to do with screenshots is open a graphics program before you start SMAC.  Most anything will do.  When you've taken the screenshot, without exiting the game, use the Windows key to escape the game and bring up the graphics program.  Paste the screeny in.  Doing it while the game is still running is key; it'll look wrong until you go back and exit the game, but then it should be fine and you can save it and repost.  Simple.


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