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[1] Mars, Now in SMAC

[2] Dominus Galaxia (Master of Orion like game)

[3] Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars (HoMM like game)

[4] Command & Conquer or Red Alert scenario/graphics pack for Civ2?

[5] CivModHunt:Mars+AlphaC, C&C+RA+Dune, MoM+MoO+Col, Doom, B5+STrek/Wars/Gate, HoMM

[6] Factorio adds options for Color Blind players

[7] Open Source Master of Magic HD Multiplayer Remake

[8] Civ3 Mars Scenario?

[9] Enhanced Mars, MasterOfMagic, MasterOfOrion ToT scenarios + ToT graphics for MGE


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