Author Topic: Breakdown of chances for probe team actions, per morale and type of mission  (Read 5461 times)

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Offline tnevolin

Let me summarize it. Here is the text from PROBE effect description.

-2, -50% cost of enemy probe team actions; enemy success rate increased
-1, -25% cost of enemy probe team actions; enemy success rate increased
0, Normal security measures
1, +1 probe team morale; +50% cost of enemy probe team actions
2, +2 probe team morale; Doubles cost of enemy probe team actions!
3, +3 probe team morale; Bases and units cannot be subverted by standard Probe Teams!!

Based on the information in this post it looks like enemy success rate increased is false. Success rate does not directly depend on own or enemy PROBE rating. It directly depends only on probe team morale which, in turn, depends on own positive PROBE rating and some other things.

Offline Kirov

I'm quite sure I was thorough in testing that, however at the moment I have no recollection of the relevant tests. But yeah, my gameplay memories don't suggest that the enemies of Zak have it easier. Just cheaper.

Offline tnevolin

Yep. Cheaper only for paying options like subversion. Other actions are unaffected.
It would be nice if anyone modded this so success rate depends on difference between your PROBE and enemy's. I.e. your rating increases it (maybe just slightly) and enemy rating decreases it.
Then PROBE would be indeed some important statistics!


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