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Re: Building a Community
« Reply #510 on: November 01, 2016, 08:07:12 PM »
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  • First indication something is wrong:  red triangle

    When I click for details, this is what I get:

    And, this is the major issue - about half the pages on the off topic give me this when I try to enter them (the Happy Birthday ET, for example)
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    Re: Building a Community
    « Reply #511 on: November 05, 2016, 09:44:34 PM »
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  • The problem was an image from the stated site that BU linked. I removed it.
    Regarding the rest of the messages I woudnt worry about them.

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    Re: Building a Community
    « Reply #512 on: March 23, 2018, 07:55:14 PM »
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  • In a response to a friend's admonition about being gossipy, I just spontaneously ended up writing one of my policy speeches -not the what I enforce and why that goes in the rules thread, shorter because of a strong distaste for having to be Teh Man, but- one of those semi-eloquent TL;DR walls that go here because our biggest single selling point for this forum is respectful and thoughtful management that allows fun, not fight --- so here:

    Green, if my only management priority in play was no drama, I couldn't allow any discussion of politics or religion.

    Nossir, you're here to have a good time, every soul ever logged in on this forum is here to have a good time on some level, and that includes me, and you don't understand how or why I manage as I do without understanding I try to give the community its head in anything not too indecent or unpleasant I can afford to tolerate and still have a good place.

    And maximum if-embarrassing-or-risky transparency is one of my more basic site policies.  You know a little about my history with the stupid drama blowback over incomplete PM and private subforum leaks -during my sordid past as a poison newb, mostly, but always going on a little- many in the greater community seem to have a problem with honoring confidences, and that's one of the few things that I'll turn into the Hulk and quickdraw the hammer over w/ no notions of mercy troubling, and not hesitate nor feel bad about afterwards.  I. done. been. burned. a few times that way.

    Instead, I choose, knowing where you and Uno come from when you get onto me that way about this kind of thing, and knowing you're both right, to remove all possibility of misunderstanding by getting things only potentially dicey and not actively embarrassing up in plain sight and on the published record.

    It is basic to the participatory aspect of how I manage here, Yr Humble Dictator depending on the counsel of his beloved people, which is exactly how you and I are currently interacting.  If I don't hang out laundry not disgustingly soiled, how can you know enough to usefully advise me?  You just engaged in gig-earning behavior over there, but welcome encouraged behavior here.  My way burns more time, but it's the right thing to do, and flatly just works better in this room with these people in the numbers we get.

    Besides, if Lefty swung by and read this entire thread word-for-word, he'd probably never say a word to anyone, not having taken any great offense -or maybe argue with me- but I'd anticipate no great likelihood of provocation or hard feelings.  Some common camper who doesn't know me is more likely to take offense, but --- I should have such problems, Syn being it for CFC people who've posted here since Kyriakos was pushing his book last year.  (We're Apolyon's grandchild, culturally, is the big problem I perceive with drawing and keeping CFC people.)  Petek was far the most active CFCer for years in the beginning when we needed his support, but the gentleman doesn't OT, and I've said nothing I wouldn't want him to see.

    This thread is for downage reports and gossip, one being a directly useful function, and the other a ghetto for when somebody wants to girldog on something not RL but not AC2 - check the OP; Zoid really meant to slag Locutus, not discuss downage.  I allow it, though bitter badmouthing is generally discouraged in this positive-atmosphere community, and actually forbidden where I deem it likely to be seen by the wrong person and cause trouble (and you are invited, if the search engine steps up better than I expect, to search AC2 for how many times I've said vyeh on this site, then count how many of those times I said something negative about; discretion is not an alien concept to me) but - allowing a medium-length leash in this thread serves a very real need.

    -Not least of which sometimes I want to grouse myself - and I am a student of all forums in our circle, because my job, because it's related to my own need/love for talking shop about the number one hobby I pursue like a full-time job right here where you stand.  I'm always thinking about forum-building/running, and sue me for wanting to talk about it, and studying other forums in our circle and comparing / contrasting being part of my learning process - and talking about, my idea of a good time.

    Again, it's my house and I am king here - but the way I roll is to want input, else how can I make you happy and encourage you to come around and entertain me?  I've always talked about a major fraction of what I do and how I do it, and I invite feedback, and none of that's likely to ever change.  It's carefully thought-through.  Few things can't be worked-out through talking it out - works for me...

    S0, what have YOU done to promote AC2 today?  It's YOUR community, and YOU hold that power...

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    Re: Building a Community
    « Reply #513 on: May 28, 2019, 03:53:13 AM »
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  • So; with my rejoining of this forum and spark of interest in it again, the things I want to bring attention is this:

    1. Getting more people on live multiplayer, figuring it out. I've got friends with interest in this game but they are intimidated by the very hard setup of multiplayer, there was a method as defined in Mandalore Gaming's video
    (click to show/hide)

    2. I've posted an interactive story in Planet Tales, called Tale of a Scout, which follows Stetson Amberfield, the story being one where the readers can at certain points have decisions that can impact the flow of the story.

    3. I plan on doing some content creation regarding factions, reckon this can be pursued more in modding but has the faction editor on the GoG version of the game been fixed with uploading pictures, custom quotes and related? I know back when I was doing it editing on note pad was the most efficient way with some specific file formats for the sound files needing to be used, among other things. Was wondering if new developments came in or if its about as similar as it was in the past?

    No worries either way on the last one, figured to ask.


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