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Getting back into SMACX and...

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...I see that there have been a LOT of new patches created since I was last here.

I'll do my own research as I have time, but in the meantime...what are the main ideas behind each of the major patch options?  I'd like to find a patch that focuses on fixing bugs or improving AI without making significant changes to the tech tree, base units, etc.  Which would you recommend for that?

FYI I believe I have one of Yitzi's older patches installed currently.  The modified date shows as Aug 24, 2016.  Not sure which version that would be.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Decided to install Yitzi's latest (3.5d) since I already had an earlier version.

So...quick question.  Does Yitzi's latest patch (3.5d) incorporate scient's (2.0) and/or kyrub's (444_p) latest?  I know that Yitzi's 1.1 patch included kyrub's then-latest, but cannot find any further info about this.

AFAIK, Yitzi's includes only few selected fixes from scient's, if ever, and none from kyrub's. But there arrived another exe patch recently, Thinker Mod, which is based on scient's and offers much more in the area of AI improvements:

Hmm...thanks for that, sounds intriguing.  Of course, it also makes it that much more difficult to choose between scient, yitzi and thinker!

I've been using Thinker and, other than a handful of random far so good!  I tried playing Miriam as a pacifist/builder and got my butt kicked by Zak.  Not bad.


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