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"There Can Be Only Two" ex Civil War Kirov VS Roninscg

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 1vsv1 PBEM

1. Each of us plays 3 factions ( they can be the same)
2. one faction is aliens
3. Map - we'll talk about it
4. ruls - official forum and

Of course, we negotiate if there is a proposal for anything  :D

 1vs1 LAN (hamachi) game
Arrange for time and play one short game on a small map.

I can't offer you a stellar turnover, but we can start something to kill time.

how does the proposal seem to you?
Some suggestions?

At the moment, I can't think of any I would really insist on. It depends on how far you want to get with modifications. As far as I'm concerned, I would halve air unit movement or cut them out altogether. I'm not a fan of air units and crawlers. Do you have any preferences of your own?

I usually play with standard rules,
I'll let you decide for the air units, it's all the same for me.
im for crawlers, It's a quicker game.  :)

Can choose tech or not?
ramdom events?
spoils of war?
level of game?

Normal start?
Colony pods at start? for me 2 to 4 is ok
Formers at start? for me 2 to 4 is ok
Scout Patrols (1-1-1) at start?  for me from 4 to 8 is ok


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