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I'm new to SMAC multiplayer, the welcome thread just said to poll for a new game in this forum, so here it is.  (I expected a single thread for LookingForGroup.)  I can still enjoy squaring with the computer players, but I am drawn to tell fuller stories with Human rivals.  I'm an MP addict!

My details can be found here:

Since I am new, I am not familiar with the exploits of SMAC so I will be reviewing the standard rulesets carefully.  Please help me if I have questions.


The game begins!  Link to first save hand-off  ->   false start because Kirov is a poopyhead  Twice is magic?

-Yitzi's patch 3.5d
4 players, topped up to 7 factions by AIs
-Humanity only
Difficulty: Librarian
alphax.txt edited on lines 102/103 to enforce etiquette #1
Random map, standard size, settings below
Blind research
All victories
-No co-operative victory
Do or Die
Off Spoils of War

Morganites  ;morgan; .. Horseshoe_Hermit
Gaians ;deidre; .. Deidre Sky
Pirates  ;ulrik; .. roninscg
Consciousness ;aki; .. Aki Zeta-5
Peacekeepers ;lal; .. Kirov
Believers  ;miriam; .. Mart
Hive ;yang; .. Shen-ji Yang

- Standard size
- 30-50% ocean
- weak erosion
- dense cloud cover
- abundant life
- 90 million mi. planetary orbit


File doctoring
-alphax.txt should be edited on line 103.  Change that 1 to a 0.
-The Cloudbase Academy was destroyed in the scenario editor.  All other SPs are fair game.

The forum etiquette

--- Quote ---Rules for the fully patched game (including the unofficial patch):
1. A player is not permitted to establish contact with another player prior to having met them in-game.
2. A player may not use build queue manipulation or other loopholes to hurry production at a cost that would be lower than directly hurrying the item that one intends to build.
3. A player may not use build queue manipulation or other loopholes to build something you could not directly add to the build queue.
4. A player may not upgrade a particular type of unit using the design workshop, and then attack with that unit in the same turn.
5. A player is not permitted to make more than one social engineering change per line, per turn. For instance, one is not permitted to start the turn in wealth, switch to power mid-turn for the extra disbanded minerals, and then switch back to wealth that same turn, getting the refund.
6. Stockpiling in build queue allowed when building units. (of course when building sp/facility too, but it's not needed to do anything to gain those bonuses too)
7. Upgrading crawlers before adding them to hurry secret project allowed.
8. Reverse-engineering allowed.
9. Exchanging bases with AI forbidden. (It is not possible to do this in random tcp/ip anyway; this is obvious exploit cause AI trades everything; lets say I take over base level 2 with probe and then exchange this base for a base level 6 that has SP, more over I exchange it with my enemy's pact-friend so that to liberate this base my enemy would have to mess with his friend)
10. Additional move after former builds something and his flag is gray is not allowed.
--- End quote ---

Rule 9 means deals of a base for a base.
We are taking Rule 2 to mean "Don't dequeue a thing or front-queue anything when you've hurried".

Additional rules
-- If you declare vendetta, and you have a treaty/pact offer on that turn, you must refuse the treaty/pact offer.
"9-4: When engaging in a probe team operation against another human faction, a window appears asking whether the victim wants to "declare vendetta" or "let off with a stern warning." This window is appearing during the wrong player's turn since the victim should decide and not the prober. Etiquette dictates that the prober should choose "declare vendetta" unless prior approval has been received from the victim to choose something else. (MoSe)"
-- As it says.  Always choose "declare vendetta" in your rival's place, without prior arrangement.  "Prior approval" will mean messages received before you opened the turn file.
-- We must not issue the 'Demand Withdrawal' action via the commlinks menu on our Human opponents.
-- Setting the home base of a unit to be another faction's base is not permitted.
"9-1: When voting in the Planetary Council, it is possible to click on the portrait of the faction for a human player and be offered a chance by the AI to pay a bribe for the vote of that faction. The AI decides the bribe rather than the human player whose faction it is.
9-2: When voting in the Planetary Council, the AI will take on the role of a human-controlled faction and offer a bribe to the person currently voting. The player whose faction is offering the bribe is not offering the bribe - the AI is doing it for them without their knowledge."
-- Of course we must take care not to credit the AI controller to usurp the authority of Human players.
-- No peeking at the communications log with a text editor!


I would play a pbem.
What game/settings are you interested in?

map size? map other settings that would not be average?
any other conditions, like exclusion of some factions, or set of AI, etc.

what faction?
I would choose mine after you.

And for how many players do we wait? 3-4 is probably optimal.

I'm interested in a game with all victories, could be any map, normal map of Chiron sized.  Do or Die.
SMACX.  Yitzi's patch too.

I could play Morganites. 7 factions.
I can't go for less than 4 players but I can pray for 5.

Shared victory looks imbalanced so I guess that's off?

Cooperation victory is often set to OFF, and we might do it too. I vote for Cooperative victory OFF.

So we would play on Chiron map, standard size, the one shipped with the game?
One good thing is, that it usually starts all factions in fair locations, so we could start without CMN.

If we start without CMN, then Librarian difficulty would be recommended, all factions get it then equally.

I would play Believers.
And regarding the faction order, if you could place it on the 6th slot?
This is because I know there may be problems with technology selections if the factions are not on their original slots. Believers are originally on 6th slot.

Research directed or blind?


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