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Recreation Commons / Re: Masks and other Art
« Last post by Buster's Uncle on Today at 01:53:48 AM »
Four fifths of the way through the next layer, I had to knock off to cook supper.  Then eat.  Then kat supper.  Then latex Dixie again while my hands were clean.  I wanted to keep working, but do not live in a vacuum.  Here.

Insert GeoModder joke here.

One layer to go.
Recreation Commons / Re: Smart Home
« Last post by Geo on Today at 01:41:43 AM »
I have reservations about smart door locks, garage openers, and interior cameras, which could all potentially be hacked. I don't have any of those, and may never get them.

A sort of funny story on that one here. Just yesterday I read in the news that a neighbourhood here has a real plague of automatic stuff like garage gates, car locks -and windows open up on their own lately. The likely culprit would be a transmitter antenna which after maintenance emits on another frequency, appearantly on one where aforementioned stuff acts on.
Recreation Commons / Re: Masks and other Art
« Last post by Buster's Uncle on Yesterday at 11:31:07 PM »
I decided to tear most of those wide strips in half, thinner, and -HOLY CRAP- have I been wasting time/doing it the hard way.

I think I'll do the last two layers diagonal, just for kicks.
Recreation Commons / Re: Masks and other Art
« Last post by Buster's Uncle on Yesterday at 10:47:18 PM »

Recreation Commons / Re: Masks and other Art
« Last post by Buster's Uncle on Yesterday at 09:24:38 PM »
Despite the size, this is a lot easier to mache on than the devil mask.  The double curve of the sides of the space helmet are tougher to get a strip laid over w/o wrinkles than you might think, but then I'm getting away with hugely wide strips.

Layer three.

Halfway there.

Recreation Commons / Re: Masks and other Art
« Last post by Buster's Uncle on Yesterday at 08:26:44 PM »
Got another coat of latex on Dixie before I resumed mache-ing, while my hands were clean.  I've been doing some subtle shaping, letting the latex build up ridges in some key places.  I won't jinx it predicting a time range for completion, but the coating is getting a bit thick...

So, I hate to have denied everyone the glory of a future back-pic of the mask w/ a polychromatic circus-y construction paper interior, but I saved the colorful stuff for the second layer.  This damn thing has fought me the hardest of any face I've ever crafted, taken forever in time and labor and kept messing up; I don't trust it, and I'm casting a backup base in plaster in the first mask.  I can sand off those ripples on the south end of the space helmet, get it closer to the size I want, and so on.  -So I started with plain newsprint for a more regular interior, sorry.  ;)

On the definite upside, we'll get an interior photo posted tomorrow that Rusty can also read.  ;b;

Recreation Commons / Re: Rusty's Ramblings
« Last post by Rusty Edge on Yesterday at 08:16:51 PM »
Things are better with my MiL now after some meds/timing adjustments. She wants to get better and is working towards recovery. My nephew is apparently back to normal.

In the meanwhile a 2nd cousin was run over as a pedestrian by a FedEx truck. She died. Her parents lost her older brother perhaps 5 years ago, under mysterious circumstances. I suspect that was a suicide or OD, but don't know. He was depressed over a failed relationship and living alone. There is one son left, the youngest. I've been procrastinating on a sympathy card because I don't know what to
say to the parents. Well, it's a reminder to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you while you still can.

Some of the nieces are camping in the UP. That's the upper peninsula of Michigan, and it's pronounced as "you pee." So we've got guest cats. There's a lot of noise/stuff getting knocked over at all hours. 

Got my teeth cleaned yesterday. I'm fine from a cavity standpoint for another consecutive checkup. I credit the diet. I may get leaves stuck between my teeth, but I don't get them coated with sugar and starch. The downside is that one of my molars that has a lot of fillings has cracked and is temp sensitive. So it's time for a crown.

Modding / Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
« Last post by Rocky on Yesterday at 07:34:31 PM »
I was already looking forward to the next version but now I'm looking forward to it even more! I'm happy to hear the sea former problem with the Pirates was fixed. I like having the Pirates in the game because they add variation to the factions, but I had stopped using them because of their sea former problem.


I haven't been able to play as much with my Caretaker game but I'm still enjoying it very much. It's 2413 and it feels each of the leading factions have their own identity now. I've started pop-booming around 6 years ago and the Peacekeepers are still keeping up with me. They have sea bases around the globe, over half of them fully developed because they've been building lots of sea formers.

Peacekeepers have large bases and a tech output (1400 per turn) that surpasses everyone, including me.

Morganites are slightly below the Peacekeepers but have the most energy reserves and the highest gold per turn.

The Hive has ended their war against the Consciousness and are now in "peace" mode. They are running Capitalist/Wealth/Cybernetic, and have a respectable 700 tech per turn.

The Consciousness is half the size of the Peacekeepers but have succeeded in becoming the technology leaders on Planet.

The Usurpers are close to elimination but they're putting up fierce resistance. I've counted over a dozen Gatling Cruisers (inflicting heavy losses on my northern fleet) and nearly two dozen Gatling/Missile Infantry/Artillery used against me within the last 10-15 years. The Morganites broke their Pact with the Usurpers and are now wreaking havoc on them from the south while the remnants of my naval fleet are sweeping in from the north.

The University has been kind of forgotten after I chased them off my continent; they have a small sea empire somewhere in the west. As long as they don't start building Planet Busters I'll probably ignore them.

I've been at war with all human factions almost since the beginning of the game. Morgan, Lal and Zakharov declared war on me around 2160 and the other two human factions declared war on me before I even met them! Peace has become impossible as after 300 years of constant warfare none of the humans are willing to talk to me. Although at this stage there's not much to gain from peace anymore.

My attempt to dominate the oceans failed. The Morganites and Peacekeepers have seeded the oceans with native life forms supported by a few Cruisers. Even my Resonance/Trance Cruisers can't stand up to their endless attacks. (The AI is surprisingly good in sniping my ships) I've retreated back to my territory.

I want to try and breed Demon Locust Swarms and support them with a stockpile of missiles. If I can use the missiles to take out the toughest defenders and my Locusts to mop up any weaker units I might finally be able to force a breakthrough in this war. It's also the only option I have left as the oceans are closed off to me now.

Having lots of fun with this game and your mod. I can honestly say the most fun with this game I had in years!

Recreation Commons / Re: Smart Home
« Last post by Rusty Edge on Yesterday at 07:30:27 PM »
I suppose true A.I. leads to HAL and SKYNET.  Not good.
The voice climate control sure is nice. Potentially it's the biggest problem if it should run amok.
I have reservations about smart door locks, garage openers, and interior cameras, which could all potentially be hacked. I don't have any of those, and may never get them.
Recreation Commons / Re: BU's Foul Mood Thread
« Last post by Buster's Uncle on Yesterday at 06:36:23 PM »
They're proud of them tiny finger, at that - I told the hygienist, and she just laughed, delightedly.

Y'all suck pretty hard at wrecking up the place, as always...
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