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Title: Civ6 as seen in the whole series
Post by: Mart on November 08, 2016, 06:59:57 PM
I haven't bought the game yet, and probably will not do it in some future months, so my topic is based on youtube videos of the game.
Also, this can be discussed about other game aspects.

When I think about games from Civ1 to Civ5, they had clearly distinguishable "new look" I am not sure, but almost certainly they were build on different game engines each of them. Civ6 on the other hand seems to be very close to Civ5, graphically and certain game concepts, like 1 unit per tile, city states. The overall feel appears to be very similar.

What do you think?
Title: Re: Civ6 as seen in the whole series
Post by: Unorthodox on November 08, 2016, 07:17:31 PM
I don't own VI, but through doing the news and paying attention to AARs and demogames out there, I am familiar with it enough I feel confident I could hold my own in a multiplayer game were I to join one tomorrow.  Personally, I have slipped back down to the don't even PLAN to purchase it unless it comes with pitboss/PBEM down the line, though. 

I would compare them to vanilla 4 and Civ 3.  Those were really quite similar when you boil them down, and you could just call it a graphical update. 

5 threw everything out the window.  6 feels a natural progression and refinement off of 5, much like 4 did off of 3. 

Graphically, I like 6 a lot better just because it's easier on my colorblindness.  The new cities and mapping concepts are the core of 6.  It's a big change in itself.  It's also meant to mask some of the worst issues with V by giving the players more choice, and thus more control. 

I think they've made more problems than they really solved, however, due to a completely inept AI that bleeds more the deeper people get into the game and start getting into the min/max gameplay.   They set out to make a game that forced you to adapt to your situation, and are ending up with one that is even more of a straight lined pre-programmed checklist than ever. 

Nothing patches/expansions can't fix, mind you.  Just in it's present state, it's pretty pointless IMO.