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Council Room / Re: Unwelcome/Suspect PM activity
« Last post by Buster's Uncle on Today at 11:26:17 AM »
There is that.
Council Room / Re: Unwelcome/Suspect PM activity
« Last post by Geo on Today at 10:52:07 AM »
I assume sending PM's also eats up one or the other data limit for the site?
Recreation Commons / Re: Star Trek
« Last post by Blake00 on Today at 10:34:07 AM »
Yeah.. episode 5.. wow.. If people here disliked it you don't have to worry about me arguing with you on this one guys. As this episode broke me too, or more precisely it broke my enjoyment of the show. I didn't enjoy that at all. I thought maybe if I sleep on it I'd feel better but nope, today I'm even grumpier about it haha. Up until now I've only had little nitpicks and have really enjoyed show and have defended it when people have complained about it "not feeling like star trek" but there was next to nothing Star Trek feeling about Ep 5. Those people who complained about past eps not being star trek are gonna looooooove this one lol. I don't wanna walk away from a Star Trek episode feeling frustrated and miserable. When they played the exciting trailer for the next ep and all the cool Borg stuff at the end I didn't even give s***. I was like.. whatever. They're gonna have to work hard in the next few eps to undo the damage that one just did. I can only hope that they had to go that dark and callous to setup the audience to be brought back to the light and happy ending lol. But I can't help but think that if it turned me off that badly then all those people out there who's really not been that into the new show and were barely holding on will probably be like "stuff this!" and be done with it after seeing that ep lol.

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Urgh.. end of rant. Breath Daniel.. Just breath... lol

Like I said.. they're gonna need to work hard to undo the damage this episode did. I think I'd rather rewatch most of the episodes in discovery season 1 than ever watch that episode again lol.

Everywhere I go so far I've seem pretty horrified responses to ep5. I've seen a couple of dudes say they loved ep5 though, I was like WAAAT lol.

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Council Room / Re: Post if you're not a bot! (And how did you find us?)
« Last post by 杨主席 on Yesterday at 10:07:36 PM »
What up gang. Been playing this game on and off for decades, but never to serious degree. Decided to go back to it and try a few patches/mods.  :danc:
Modding / Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
« Last post by bvanevery on Yesterday at 09:03:46 PM »
Hoo boy, Cult of Planet.  In my mod, you want to go Extremist.  It's designed for them and them only!  They are immune to the negative effect of using it.  It's a +2 SUPPORT bonus, no downside.

Forests still work.  In fact, that's all that works.  You don't get to have factories, crawlers, or thermal boreholes until much later in the game now.

I suppose you could do ordinary Mines if you have enough food, but I only start building those once I've built Hybrid Forests anyways.  I'm scared of eco-damage, and you need to have a lot of food to work mines, when you don't have crawlers.

You get Soil Enrichers at the same time, so that's another option if you weren't into forests.  My Soil Enrichers are faster to build, to compensate for Condensers being slower to build.  They come at the same time, you don't get to have Condensers early.  This was to stop Thinker Mod from exploiting Condensers and Boreholes earlier in the game.

One benefit of my mod, is there's no penalty for building a Mine on farmland.  You can do both.  You're just assumed to be eating toxic metals in your garden produce.   :D  This was to make the AI's life easier.  Benefits the AI more than it benefits you.

I don't think Needlejets are going to benefit you as this great strategy, as they come a bit later, and they're definitely more expensive.  But, try it and see.  You tell me.

I made mag tubes available rather early in my mod.  I'm biased by the idea that I'm going to build a rail straight into the enemy's heart, than zip down it with tons of ground troops.  That's not a Cult of Planet way to play though.  You would want the Xenoempathy Dome, so that you can attack with piles of mindworms from the fungus.

Hovertanks also come early enough to be an alternative to Needlejet based invasion.  And frankly, I always found a Cruiser full of Marines to be the fastest way to conquer the whole world quickly.
Modding / Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
« Last post by 杨主席 on Yesterday at 08:38:45 PM »
Really impressive work, man. :D I've only just discovered this mod after years of not playing SMAX. Currently playing as the Cult of Planet (which I just realized was named "Fungboy" in the original files) and already made some terrible strategic decisions, but I really appreciate how smooth the changes make the game feel. What kind of new strategies have you discovered so far while playing on your own mod? I'm still a terrible player and my recollection is very hazy but I recall that back in the day, from what I gathered online at the time, you basically could do some combination of forests, crawlers, and needlejets and the game was pretty much over by then.
Council Room / Re: Unwelcome/Suspect PM activity
« Last post by Buster's Uncle on Yesterday at 07:06:21 PM »
...At about 7:15 PM, I sent a PM insisting on a break and some explanation.  When there had been no response or change around 8:45, I duly perma'd it.

-I'd be twitchy if someone like Rusty, or gwilly, or Elok -fellows I simply cannot imagine getting up to no good- were sending PMs for 10 hours straight.  One can only hope it only bothered other bot accounts...
Modding / Re: Probe Team flags
« Last post by Geo on Yesterday at 05:08:06 PM »
I am bumping this with hopes of discovering the mystery of probe flags - some people in the thread claim they have the flags!

I thought the vanilla game on its inception had still flags on probe teams.
Council Room / Re: Unwelcome/Suspect PM activity
« Last post by Geo on Yesterday at 05:04:10 PM »
No Sir, not at all.
Bug/Patch Discussion / Re: OpenSMACX v0.2.1
« Last post by bvanevery on Yesterday at 12:27:28 AM »
So it seems you're interested in serious bigpox.  25 * 10 = 250 minerals for a human player, making a Colonist cost more than an early Secret Project in the stock game.  That might be ok in MP, but if you're expecting the stock AI to handle this, it's suicide.  The AI gets plenty of Colonists killed as is, with much cheaper costs to take the colonization gamble.  Its ability to successfully navigate fungus is really bad.  I've even  contemplated giving all factions 4 colonists to try to cut down on the deaths.  But, my mod makes Clean Reactors available from the beginning of the game, which at least allows superfluous "milling" Colonists not to drag down SUPPORT and cripple the AI players.

You would need a binary patched game with much better colonization AI, for an expensive Colonist to have any chance of working.  Even if an AI has a 50% production offset, it's a 125 mineral Colonist.  Thinker Mod etc. might almost be that, but it surely doesn't assume a 125 mineral Colonist, so YMMV.
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