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Command Nexus / Re: Pravin Lal's Runner-up Science Fair Runoff
« Last post by Horseshoe_Hermit on Today at 01:48:35 AM »
I've never seen these people before in my life.

But Miriam wouldn't accept piracy, would she?
Recreation Commons / Re: Masks and other Art
« Last post by Buster's Uncle on Yesterday at 10:23:53 PM »
-Et pour nos amis francophones, et parce qu'un Bing-bot cherche beaucoup, je veux juste dire:

""! C'est JK Studio, notre masque -art site Web, actuellement remarquable pour les pages de démonstration / tutoriels de masque en papier mâché.

-And for our francophone friends, and because a Bing-bot is looking in a fair bit, too, I just want to say:

""!  That's JK Studio, our mask-art website, currently notable for paper mache mask demonstration pages/tutorials.
Recreation Commons / Re: Masks and other Art
« Last post by Buster's Uncle on Yesterday at 08:33:04 PM »
Darkseid IS committed to doing his best for you!
Modding / Re: Custom Factions: Trench Dog edition
« Last post by bvanevery on Yesterday at 04:53:52 PM »
As for naming suggestions, I don't have anything specific yet, but I do have some thoughts on thematic relevance. 

"Unity" is really off the mark.  This faction is exactly the opposite of anything the Unity mission stood for: squabblers are wrong, only the Marshal is right.  "Unification" or "Unifying" might work better, and would definitely be a kind of doublespeak.  It also connotes a cult to some of us, because of the Unification Church, so that may or may not be a reason to use or avoid it.  My instinct is to stay away from "unification / unity" words and find something else, but I wouldn't pronounce final judgment on that, in the absence of anything concrete.

"Army" is a bad choice.  The Spartans do an army, that's their schtick.  Your faction is about genetic control.  Way back in the days of Gamma World, one of their factions was the "Knights of Genetic Purity".  I'm pretty sure the acronym was meant to resemble the KKK, although who knows maybe also the KGB.  That's not an explicit suggestion, that's just an idea of where genetics and eugenics might lead you.

All this war with Planet implies a lot of terraforming.  "Earth First" is a phrase that immediately leaps to mind, as to what the political consciousness of this faction might be like.  "Earth Makers".  "Originalists".  "Homeworld".  I'm imagining a sort of Earth nativist movement, rather explicitly racist and speciest.  Sort of thing Donald Trump might like to be in charge of, but worse.  "@#ck Planet."  "Make Earth Great Again!"  "Planet is a @##thole."

The Eugemony?
Bug/Patch Discussion / Re: Possible bug in scient patch 2.0
« Last post by scient on Yesterday at 04:44:21 PM »
I think someone else ran into same issues with modified helpx.txt bundled with my patch.

Fairly certain my own edits to helpx.txt were minimal in conjunction with some exe patches. The rest of the work was done by others, likely not realizing about internal length restrictions.

I still haven't finished parse_string where crash takes place, some really funky logic and nested loops. I'll definitely include some error handling / better parsing to handle situations like this at least for DLL redirect.
Recreation Commons / Re: BU's Foul Mood Thread
« Last post by Buster's Uncle on Yesterday at 03:10:47 PM »
Recreation Commons / Re: BU's Foul Mood Thread
« Last post by Geo on Yesterday at 02:28:06 PM »
You must have a clear conscience then. :D
Modding / Re: Noobie trying to Mod, keep getting Gaians
« Last post by DeepWoodsSaint on Yesterday at 07:33:28 AM »
I don't mind at all, that sounds fantastic! Thank you!
Modding / Re: Custom Factions: Trench Dog edition
« Last post by Trench Dog on Yesterday at 07:29:04 AM »
Part of his income does actually come from slaughtering mind worms, yes.

As for further negatives bonuses I don't think its necessary, I tested it both as a player and an AI.

Player wise its easy to get powerful but anyone who has a tech advantage on you can seriously punish you hard. Playing on Thinker difficulty, I ran into ;marr; and started to struggle, and  ;lal; who managed to build up relatively undisturbed also posed some issues for me too. Morgan and the University had a tough time dealing with me as they bordered me, but overall the faction seems fairly well balanced I feel. Unity Army (suggestions welcome on a name btw) is definitely industrially strong but is crap at research and gets kind of stagnant when it comes to discovering techs. Probe teams seem to be pretty decent options for them though.

The AI needs some further testing but from what I seen the AI doesn't capitalize on the bonuses as well as a person does and they seem to be like a more belligerent and uncooperative Free Drones faction in a way.

Modding / Re: Custom Factions: Trench Dog edition
« Last post by bvanevery on Yesterday at 07:14:25 AM »
Is he going to make a million bucks harvesting stupid mindworms?

Ideally, he would be prohibited from making mindworms.  But I don't know that that's possible for a faction.

If -5 PLANET isn't bad enough, you could also give the faction a negative PSI "bonus" in the faction.txt.  Assuming a negative number works.
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