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Modding / Re: Thinker mod attempt 7
« Last post by bvanevery on Today at 04:06:42 PM »
MY 2175.  I gain a Gun Jet from a sea pod.  It could be useful for escorting Foil probe teams to target cities.

MY 2176.  2 Artifacts have arrived on my road network, but they still have to walk the road to get to the Ruins, where I'm building the Weather Paradigm.  Svensgaard has started shelling roads around one of my northern cities.

MY 2177.  2 Pirate probe teams try to get to my easternmost city.  However they came over some fungus and stopped 1 square short of my city, enabling me to easily kill them.

MY 2179.  I rush the Weather Paradigm with 1 Artifact and 712 cash.  I have 3 Artifacts in my home territory.  I begin the Planetary Transit System in another city.  I complete a Synthmetal prototype and begin working on a Laser artillery prototype.

no early Boreholes for AI
no early Boreholes for AI

MY 2180.  The Weather Paradigm is mine.  This is the 1st test game where I've even had a chance to gain it.  Granted, it's also the 1st time I've played with a Build focus, as would be natural to the faction I drew.  The cost of 400 makes the opportunity window wide enough for a human player to get it, instead of being a certainty for the AI, and in particular for the Pirates.  I think they've gotten it most of the games.

Now granted, there is a problem with passing judgment on this.  Deirdre sold me B3 Ecological Engineering because she was stupid.  That didn't have to happen.  But I think I could have stolen this tech by now from Svensgaard.  I'm going to try to steal the tech for the Merchant Exchange in a few turns, so that would prove whether enough tech can be stolen at close quarters.  The real difficulty is when your enemy is very far away from you.

I see that the Pirates will complete the Merchant Exchange in 6 turns, and the Planetary Transit System in 10 turns.  I may not get either, and it's not possible to get both.  I stop working on the Planetary Transit System because if I need to switch to the Merchant Exchange, it's in the wrong city.  I want it on the Ruins.

I ask to trade tech with Roze and she gives me Centauri Genetics.  I am considered Feeble.
Modding / Re: Thinker mod attempt 7
« Last post by bvanevery on Today at 03:30:41 PM »
Once upon a time Mart made a huge big deal about the Weather Paradigm and the Empath Guild.  He jacked up their costs to some truly absurd values, and we have an old thread arguing about that.  He was seeing both projects through the lens of multiplayer bias, in particular that it was a really big deal in multiplayer to gain infiltration with everybody.  I eventually came to understand the impact of the Empath Guild on diplomatic victory, particularly as the populations of my AI factions got bigger from the changes I made to AI Growth mod.  So the Empath Guild did get bumped to 400 and put way later in the tech tree a long time ago.  It's an Explore 6 tech, that's late midgame.

The Weather Paradigm, I raised to 300 and moved to Tier 3, same as all other early Secret Projects.  I thought that was enough.  I never really saw the problem until experiencing Thinker mod's exploit of Condensers and Boreholes.  It's not a play style that I myself am interested in.  But in multiplayer, apparently there are people who think that's standard drill.  Induktio just automates it, bringing that play sensibility to its logical conclusion.  So now the Weather Paradigm is 400 and we'll see if that's enough.  I'm willing to make it higher if it's really the gold rush of the game.
That's a corrupted game, using some unused art.  When you see that city-looking thing, time to start over, alas.
Hello. Recently i started playing SMAX with PRACX + Yitzi's patch 3.5D and today i met some mysterious creatures without names. When i tried to fight them, the game crashed - but this happens not with every creature, some of them can fight, kill my formers, die in battle or even be captured. Also i used the "HELP" button to find something about it, but the game shown me the "RAINFALL" article, which is not much useful in this situation.

Modding / Re: Thinker mod attempt 7
« Last post by vonbach on Today at 02:33:48 PM »
I like the change to the Weather Paradrim. Out of all the early wonders I think that one is the most Overpowered.
Modding / Re: Thinker mod attempt 7
« Last post by bvanevery on Today at 12:19:14 PM »
MY 2162.  I just realized that for unknown reasons, I did not change the cost of the Weather Paradigm in this game's alphax.txt.  I know I edited it, so now I wonder whether I simply didn't save it, or whether I edited the wrong file.  I check all my changes with WinMerge and everything looks ok.  I save the game and start a new one with the corrected alphax.txt.  The cost of the Weather Paradigm is now as intended.

This means earlier, when the Gaians sold me B3 Ecological Engineering, the Weather Paradigm only cost 300.  That's the base cost of all Secret Projects in my mod.  When playing my mod with the stock binary, the AI never ever just gives Secret Projects away.  Now, maybe the game thinks I suck at Thinker mod and cuts me a break.  Or maybe the trading AI has gotten messed up.

MY 2168.  Sunspots have ended.  I pick up a 2nd Artifact in the water.  Yang won't speak to me.  Zhakarov won't sign a Treaty.  Lal still wants war.  Roze gives me Industrial Base, which makes Recycling Tanks and Democratic available.  I start on the former but not the latter, as I don't have Recreation Commons everywhere yet.

MY 2169.  The Pirates try to extort me for 50 credits.  I tell them to shove it and they sink that 2nd Artifact I pulled out of the water.  This game just turned into an economic military test.  I am still going to want the Merchant Exchange, so I switch my focus to Build, Conquer.  I pick up a 3rd Artifact in the water but it is far from home.  I rush a Recycling Tank at my one base with a Command Center as I need to get a Synthmetal prototype completed.

MY 2170.  While trying to get a Foil probe team to one of Svensgaard's bases, I encounter a ship and subvert it.

MY 2171.  I left that ship as a blocking picket, trying to give my Foil probe team room to get to the Pirate base.  Another ship attacks my picket and my ship survives.  Next turn I expect infiltration.  I pick up a 4th Artifact in the water but need to get it home.

MY 2172.  My picket dies, but I infiltrate the Pirates.  They have C3 Applied Physics and E3 Ethical Calculus.  Deirdre threatens me and I tell her to stuff herself.  She declares war.  Yang won't talk.

Surprisingly, Zhakarov finally signs a Treaty even though he's Ambivalent.  I trade for his Applied Physics, as I've only got 1 Pirate base I can easily steal from.  I also gain Field Modulation, which gives the somewhat useless Cloaking Device.  It might be of more use against a land enemy to take down Sensor Arrays behind enemy cities, due to ignoring zones of control.  However the invisibility aspect might be useless, as the AI may just cheat and look at everything.
Roze offers to sell me Centauri Genetics, but I decline as I'm trying to finish the Weather Paradigm.
Modding / Re: Thinker mod attempt 7
« Last post by bvanevery on Today at 11:42:19 AM »
quiet races
quiet races

MY 2153.  Svensgaard begins the Weather Paradigm, and I haven't yet.  We enter sunspots.  Do you ever get the feeling that the game is cutting you off,  just when you were starting to do well?  Like if I got any more Truces converted to Treaties, I'd be making even more money.  So the game says nah, screw you.  Well I can take it out on my drones, although I almost never do.

I get 100 credits from a pod.  With the proceeds, I rush a Recreation Commons at the Ruins and queue up the Weather Paradigm.  I rush an inland Command Center so I can make Trance Scouts and have better defense against mindworm marauders.
Modding / Re: Thinker mod attempt 7
« Last post by bvanevery on Today at 11:37:17 AM »
the Pirate sea
the Pirate sea

MY 2152.  I switch to Capitalist.  I trade techs and maps with Svensgaard and sign a Treaty, boosting my Commerce income.  He's my immediate neighbor.  I couldn't see him at all before, due to a fungal tower barrier.

I talk to Roze but she hasn't obtained any new map info.  I've caught up with her on tech.
The Theory of Everything / Re: SMACX Thinker Mod
« Last post by dino on Today at 11:34:58 AM »
I'd also implement SP rushing with crawlers, since it should be easy to do:

1) If there is SP in production, multiply probability of crawler production in other bases.
2) When crawler is built, give it percentage chance proportional to multiplier from point 1) to go to nearest base with SP in production and add to it.
This way usual crawler deployment will be statistically unaffected by SP crawlers.

Resources accumulated for SP will provide return faster. AIs will start and abandon less SP, less resources wasted.
If at some point thinker will be so good, that we will want to play with increased cost_factor, it will be necessary for AI to compete with player for SPs this way.

I've made one observations regarding diplomacy AI and avoiding conflict.
If AI has vendetta with someone we have pact with ( sometimes treaty is enough ), it can go into a state where every contact is either instant vendetta, or demand to betray our ally and vendetta if we refuse.
Issue is when AI is in this state, it usually refuses to make contact with us and vendetta happens only if our units meet at the border, so it's easy to avoid.
Sometimes AI refuses to make treaty with us on early meeting and refuse any contact later, it's often in a simillar state then.

So my idea is:
If our military score used to make faction ranking is 2x smaller then ai and it has only truce with us, or has vendetta with our ally, force contact every 3-4 turns.
It should result in either vendetta, or barrage of demands for free money and tech. It potentially could make running first 100 turns with just 3 scouts, either costly, or stright up impossible.
I would make it opt in feature, since unaware player wouldn't know how to make them go away.

That said, I proposed it only because it should be possible to implement without disassembling inner workings of diplomacy code.
Otherwise, I think improvements to combat AI are much more important at this stage, and this code seems to be already worked on by you.
So, I'll start sharing my ideas for combat AI improvements, once thinker built with money (and crawler?), rushing is out.
I also put on hold playing the game, since money rushing update is imo huge game changer and I want to spend more time with it once it's out, instead of current build.
Modding / Re: Thinker mod attempt 7
« Last post by bvanevery on Today at 11:22:57 AM »
Pirate government
Pirate government

MY 2151.  Captain Svensgaard calls an election.  I can actually decide it.  I wonder why Lal is not seeking to bribe me?  Maybe he's poor as dirt.

On what basis do I make my decision?  Judging by the number of votes per faction, Yang got stillborn same as Roze did.  Deidre, Zhakarov, and Lal have only done as well as I have, which frankly is shocking, given the kind of aggressive colony spread I've seen in Thinker mod before.  Nevertheless I've seen as many as half of the factions runted in my various test games, with no natural barriers to explain it.  Thinker mod is capable of spreading very well or very poorly and it's not clear to me why.

Anyways, Svesngaard is clearly the runaway power faction.  Probably best to vote against him for now.  Lal becomes Governor.  I will end up being Democratic Capitalist Wealth and likely at peace with both of them.

I contact Yang first since he is weakest.  We trade techs.  It gains me Information Networks, which will allow me to make probe teams.  Even though the Data Angels are allies it's still a good idea to make defensive probe teams, because they like to steal even from their allies.  That can't be a high priority though, just something for down the line.  Yang otherwise is difficult to work with and won't sign a Treaty.

I contact Lal because he's less likely to have techs.  He threatens me and I tell him to stuff it.  He declares war and I regret having elected him, but how could I know?  He has a Passive personality so his actions are weird.

Let's try talking to Deirdre before I go Capitalist.  They're ignoring my comm frequency.

Let's see if Svensgaard is more interested in a Treaty now.  Nope, he's ignoring my comm frequency.

Let's see if Roze gained any maps.  Well she won't talk to me either!  I'm a pariah.

Zhakarov is Obstinate.  He doesn't trade and won't sign a Treaty.  So that's it then.  1 Pact, 4 Truces, and 1 Vendetta.  I think it's a conspiracy, possibly against the guy with the +2 ECONOMY and +1 COMMERCE.

I fish an Artifact out of the water.  That will help with getting the Weather Paradigm done.  I don't have enough credits to go Capitalist, so I don't.
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