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Recreation Commons / Re: Random crap with Uno.
« Last post by Unorthodox on Today at 02:20:47 PM »
"So, I think I found the reason the bush pumpkin seeds are so damn hard to find:  They're not heirloom.  They're some unstable cross"- Uno

As an ex farmer I endorse this theory based upon the evidence.

I've found more varieties mixed in.

~ 8 perfect sized pumpkins.  I note they have much stronger stems than the mother bush pumpkin.  Their plants tended to vine just a touch/semi bush. 

2 Butternut type. (so far, I'm not harvesting just yet)  Stayed true bush habit. Doubtful for carving, novelty carving at best.  True bush habit. 

4 of those deformed/acorn type.  Large enough to carve, but odd shape will make placing odd.  True bush habit

~5 DEEP dark green things.  Big enough to carve, waiting to see if they're going to turn orange or not.  These vined like crazy. 

~6 of the spaghetti squash.  Vined like mad, funky leaves and blossoms, at least twice as many rotted on the vine.  Extremely unlikely to carve.  (*I WILL carve one ANYWAY just because, I just suspect it'll be a thin walled fruitless effort.)

I think we're going to try some Big Moose pumpkins next year.   Like a monstrous cinderella

Maybe some Atlantic giants and try to cross them as well.  Atlantic giants are the largest varieties, but they tend to make undefined lumps instead of pumpkins. 
Command Nexus / Re: First PBEM - TTT
« Last post by Kirov on Today at 11:37:22 AM »
Hello Kurvivor, you still there? The vacation time is over, let's get back to this game and finish it already! :)
The Theory of Everything / Re: I have gone legit
« Last post by Arcturus Mensk on Today at 10:31:30 AM »
I did this too, except I lost former hard copies moving from one place to another. I finally had spending money and bammo! GOG copy, and the dank smell of piracy is gone...
I have lurked for...about a year? And I was looking for mods for smac/smax and found this lovely gem of a place. Finally decided to announce myself after joining months ago and going straight back to lurking.

So...HI! :D
Modding / Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
« Last post by bvanevery on Today at 03:29:54 AM »
I'll look over your tech tree and see if there is a choice that doesn't have negative impact.

To summarize, since I made such a wall of text previously: the issue is not whether a spot in the tech tree can be found.  If desirable enough, it can be.  The issue is whether it actually helps AI factions to terraform better.  If it doesn't, I'm going to leave it alone.

I wonder if clean reactors were available much earlier in the game, if the AI would use it much?  It could alleviate the problem of the AI running out of minerals.

  On the "killer formers" or "wall of formers" issue,

This is an issue?  I've often used mere Scouts to kill mere Formers.  Scouts take wounds but hey, I figure they're shooting all the drivers of the Formers in the head or some such.  A Former's defense might be a little too good on Rocky terrain, but otherwise I haven't seen a big problem with them dying appropriately.   Anything more than hand weapons is cake.

Are you disgruntled about the defense of Fusion Formers later in the game, against fission units?

If someone wants to pay extra to have a Former be armored, I think that's a legitimate tactic.  Although I wonder if some kind of combat unit or combat cost distinction should be made.  I wonder if Former armor can have exhorbitant cost.  Hmm, doesn't look like it... an ability can have exhorbitant cost due to speed and/or armor.  Such as for a Super Former or Fungicidal Former.  But a straight Former, I don't think anything can be done about tough armor.

  They still attack with light weapon ("hand weapons") strength, but that isn't terribly unrealistic.

I got confused by the double negative.  I think you're saying it's somewhat realistic.  I myself figure that Planet is a violent place and lots of people are carrying hand weapons.  Various parts of a terraforming crew could also be used as improvised armor, explosives, or catapults.  I mean, they're Planet wreckers... they're not just tractors.
The Theory of Everything / Re: Economy effect Commerce rating modifier
« Last post by Induktio on Yesterday at 10:36:49 PM »

Commerce is computed base by base between human factions with Treaties and Pacts, as follows:

    All bases for each faction are ranked from top to bottom by Energy output.
    Bases are paired off from top to bottom. If one faction has more bases, these are ignored.
    For each pair of bases, sum the combined economic output and divide by eight, rounding up.
    Double this value if a Global Trade Pact is in effect.
    For each individual base, the commerce formula is as follows: (ValueFromStep4) × (CommerceTech + 1) ÷ (TotalCommerceTech + 1) .
    CommerceTech is the total number of economic technologies discovered, plus faction & Economy bonuses.
    TotalCommerceTech is the total number of economic technologies discovered by all factions.
    Now, using the value from step five, divide by two if no Pact (only a Treaty).
    Add one if Planetary Governor.
    Reduce to 0 if sanctions are in effect against either faction.

In the standard game Morgan should have an intrinsic +1 CommerceTech modifier in addition to any normal bonuses they would get from an increased Economy rating.
Modding / Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
« Last post by Vidsek on Yesterday at 10:35:38 PM »
         My intent with the idea of a predesigned rover former was to give the AI more parity with human players using them, however, if they cannot be delayed until *both* the appropriate technologies are discovered, then making some later tech the prereq for them could be a reasonable compromise.  I'll look over your tech tree and see if there is a choice that doesn't have negative impact.
  If fission rover formers are available, the AI does design similar fusion versions, at least for the player's faction. I'll need to check if that is also true for AI factions and if any factions actually build them.

  I should clarify that *some* factions *do* make rover formers when they can.  It's just that the majority do not.  Perhaps that is due to the cost.

  On the "killer formers" or "wall of formers" issue, I find noncombatant units being so potent in combat unrealistic and harmful to gameplay (at least as I want the game to play).  Therefore, in alphax, I make them *much* weaker by modifying the line:

50,      ; Combat penalty % -> Non-combat unit defending vs. combat unit 
90,      ; Combat penalty % -> Non-combat unit defending vs. combat unit

and am thinking of making it 95 or 100%.

  They still attack with light weapon ("hand weapons") strength, but that isn't terribly unrealistic.

  Turning them into a "wall of tissue paper" makes them a resource to be defended, not a defence in themselves.
Recreation Commons / Re: Kittehz!
« Last post by Geo on Yesterday at 10:10:26 PM »
Enigma is more psycho crazy/confused around cars.

Had a cat like that in front of my wheels last week. Luckily it did start moving in time in the right direction.
The Theory of Everything / Re: Economy effect Commerce rating modifier
« Last post by tnevolin on Yesterday at 03:43:31 PM »
Well, I am lost with Commerce rating as well. There are only two theories in my mind.
  • Commerce rating bonus add so many energy to each existing commerce city record as the level of this bonus. That is "+3 commerce" bonus would add +3 energy to each commerce record in each city from my side.
  • Another theory is that this rating changes some variables in commerce calculation formula. In this case change in commerce can be anything.
Recreation Commons / Re: Kittehz!
« Last post by Unorthodox on Yesterday at 01:42:36 PM »
Enigma's been gone nigh a week.  If someone's taken him in, I hope it's someone new as I'm fairly sure he was being rather severely abused.  He coulda been run over too. 

Mystery is very car-smart.  Enigma is more psycho crazy/confused around cars. 
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