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Recreation Commons / Re: Diet crap talk
« Last post by Rusty Edge on Today at 02:39:24 AM »
I'm thinking that I'd like to drop my weight to the next notch, which I'm guessing will be in the 198-199 area, and let it there.
I'll see if I can manage it before I go fishing.

Recreation Commons / Re: Rusty's Ramblings
« Last post by Rusty Edge on Today at 02:29:35 AM »
Sounds like your getting to do some of the things that you really like to do.

With the exception of the car, yes. I kinda like them to be reliable , and not have mystery problems. Thanks E_T, for reminding me that I'm mostly doing things I like to do and out-sourcing the stuff I don't!
Recreation Commons / Re: The Lazy Gourmet
« Last post by Rusty Edge on Today at 02:22:54 AM »
Did a mixed grill today....with mixed results

The Pork chops with Montana steak seasoning and the filet mignon marinated in orange/sesame/ginger cooked to medium-well were perfection.

I tried a new marinade on 4 chicken breasts. I had a flame-out due to the olive oil in the mix. So, one breast cooked right, but "too much pepper." The other three were what I call "Cajun style" ie, blackened on the outside. I tasted some. Too dry, really, even after peeling off the black layer. My plan was to use the surplus chicken in another dish with a sauce, sort of like pulled pork, so it is still viable.

Center cut of cabbage in the center of the grill seasoned with Montana steak seasoning was also over-cooked, but I'm glad it wasn't a pricey piece of meat. As it turned out, just flake off the burnt papery portions and eat it. Still pretty good.

Some small potatoes I tried on a higher rack were undercooked according to one guest, but were easily microwaved. Asparagus  cooked beside it pleased those who like asparagus. Three Bratwursts cooked on what was the cooler side tended to be under done on one end despite flipping and turning. They are mostly for re-heating anyway. Not a problem, but still a shortcoming in that I was aiming for an even cook on the whole sausage, not 3/4ths of it. Since the steak and chops were the primary requests, the dinner was a major success. I was trying to meet the dinner time target. Next time I'll start the fire 5- 10 minutes sooner, or cut back the air slightly. 
Modding / Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
« Last post by bvanevery on Yesterday at 06:48:59 PM »
I've decided I'm not ready to ditch C1 Doctrine: Flexibility and just give everyone basic ships.  Maybe it's a good idea, maybe it isn't, maybe it doesn't matter because the AI won't take advantage in practice.  But in any event it needs testing.  This is the end of the month and it's time for me to do another release now.  Not to quickly embark upon a change that might seem to be major and somewhat goofy.

I can contemplate the essential annulment of C1 Doctrine: Flexibility in a version 1.32, as well as giving everyone 4 colony pods to start with.  But the answer might be "these things should not be touched".  I'm also feeling pretty unmotivated to touch them, and I don't have anything else for a 1.32 release.  I may not ever make a 1.32 release.  It's contingent upon finding something that actually needs doing, and I'd like to think I just found "the few things I missed" for 1.31, which I also didn't expect to be releasing.  Releases are definitely on a "trickling wind down" now.
The Theory of Everything / Re: Multiplayer games considerations
« Last post by bvanevery on Yesterday at 06:38:22 PM »
What would make for example Santiago to not to destroy all other factions with Air Power, even if she had it alone on Planet? Something, that would make a player to loose if he simply conquers all others at this point.

An expensive Needlejet chassis might work.  Such as is actually done in my mod. 

What would make Deirdre in need to stop her onslaught with mindworms in order not to loose a game, but allow other factions to continue with a chance to win still.

Cheap Trance 3-Res units.  I don't know if I've got the balance of power right on this or not in my mod.  For a time I think the balance was favoring the PLANET friendly factions, so  I raised mindworm costs back to what they were in the original game.  Trance ability actually costs something in my mod though, it's not free.

Nobody's going to rush with Speeders in my mod, because it takes some time to get even basic weapons together.  There is time for others to build a defense.

There are no Copters in my mod.  They are banished.

Factories, Supply Crawlers, and Thermal Boreholes all come much later, so that's not a ready path to victory.  You can thank Thinker Mod for me postponing the availability of those things.  Terraforming the super profitable stuff also takes twice as long.

Armor and weapons are progressed in lock step with each other, giving an advantage to defenders.  That might make it easier to survive in multiplayer.  My mod has a bit of a "low tech" feeling to it until you get to late midgame.

Although new victory conditions, constraints, and scenario balancing options are contemplatable, one might start with whether all the old play mechanics actually work if they are balanced.  I'm not aware of anyone doing any multiplayer testing with my mod, but they could.  I wasn't trying to solve multiplayer problems, but I've always been trying to solve balance problems, and more recently AI abuse problems.

Perhaps a mod has to be known and accepted for quite a long time, before multiplayers will try it.  Perhaps releasing new versions of a mod, always works against multiplayer acceptance, because rule changes mean multiple people have to install new stuff, and learn some new stuff.  My development of SMACX AI Growth mod is seriously slowing down though.  Version 1.31 is imminent and it's a minor tweak / fixes a documentation bug.  I don't know that there will even be a version 1.32.  I said the same about 1.31, but a couple of minor things were found.
Recreation Commons / Re: Smart Home
« Last post by E_T on Yesterday at 03:05:02 PM »
Ain't Technology wonderful...
Recreation Commons / Re: Rusty's Ramblings
« Last post by E_T on Yesterday at 03:04:21 PM »
Sounds like your getting to do some of the things that you really like to do.
The Theory of Everything / Multiplayer games considerations
« Last post by Mart on Yesterday at 12:26:07 PM »
This is general discussion on a topic of multiplaying SMAC or SMAX games. I thought about it already many years ago, but never came to any concluding special rules for MP games

So mostly, as I think we can all see, MP games have implicit objective and a way of play to achieve this implicit victory:
Player gets his/her faction strong and defeats other players, either by: conquest, real taking all the bases of opponents, or by inevitability of conquest, like we can see Air Power makes the first faction to get  it, to jump in real power quickly. Other players may at this point consider themselves defeated, what could be proofed by Air Power player.
Sometimes it is other objective, like on huge map, large distance can make a good builder game to complete with Transcendence, though such game can be micromanagement nightmare.

I remember once I played civ3 multiplayer game. Civ games are from ancient era to space exploration, but my first MP was an "hotspot" when we played turn after turn simultaneously. So the game ended when one of my opponents got Iron technology, made swordsmen and defeated me and a 3rd player. After this short game, I was told by that 3rd player: "I have seen, he was getting 'Iron' tech so I knew, that you had no chance." This is like what, 3% or 5% of the game there? We can see something similar in SMACX, maybe Laser Infantry rushes are not typical ways of conquest in MP games, but we rarely see late game, if not at all.

My idea is to introduce a system of points for MP games, that would work together with existing victory system, like we have transcendence, diplomatic or economic victories.
A system, that would make factions to play with strategies, that do not lead to "kill'em all ASAP" default strategy. I thought it to be a Leader's personality trait, maybe some set of additional aims which would make winning a SMACX game more involving, than just "fastest conquest" game.
Here is the catch though:
- All SMACX existing features, like all SPs, all weapons and all possibilities like copter with any weapon attacking cities, would be there to use. No restrictions to existing game mechanics would be introduced, like we do presently by getting "house rules" for copters, Air Power, etc. This would make the game to extend, but not be modified in its core rules.

Well, we may say, there are victory conditions, like Diplomacy for example, but if you conquer all human players on Planet you win Diplomacy with AI factions. Similar you can do with Transcendence. So these "peaceful" victories in SMACX do not work.

I have some ideas, but wanted to have this brainstorm discussion, so we could get something for future to use. After long time I do not have anything concrete. And with shared ideas, we may come to some useful solutions.

What would make for example Santiago to not to destroy all other factions with Air Power, even if she had it alone on Planet? Something, that would make a player to loose if he simply conquers all others at this point.
What would make Deirdre in need to stop her onslaught with mindworms in order not to loose a game, but allow other factions to continue with a chance to win still.
Recreation Commons / Re: The Lazy Gourmet
« Last post by Unorthodox on Yesterday at 09:04:40 AM »
Retrofitted our grill.  new top grates and burners, and tossed out the old heat shields.  Instead of putting new heat shields (I still have in case I need them), I used the brackets to install a grate right over the burners, on which I put a layer of lava rock, and have enough room now to put a few charcoal briquettes and/or wood similar to BU's setup.  The lava rock grills are a little old school, but I figure it'll give me a good feel for whether I want to pursue the ceramic grill or not. 

I figure 1-2 years with this before the whole thing succumbs to rust. 
Modding / Re: SMACX AI Growth mod
« Last post by bvanevery on Yesterday at 07:53:01 AM »
Well they must at some point, because there's no sea colony pod predefined unit, and we know the AI will make sea colonies.  I would expect the AI to design the unit at soon as C1 Doctrine: Flexibility is discovered.
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