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Title: Summer Solstice 2004 AI Challenge
Post by: Buster's Uncle on May 03, 2014, 09:38:44 PM
Scenario Name: Summer Solstice 2004 AI Challenge
Author: Chaos Theory
Date of original posting: 6/21/04
Original host site: Apolyton

5 factions successfully landed from the Unity: Morgan and his
cronies, Yang and his trusting laborers, Aki Zeta-5 and the remnants of
the Unity research crew, Svensgaard and the remnants of the Spartans,
and against all odds, Miriam and those in the damaged 7th landing pod.

Over the first twenty years on Planet, Morgan and Yang met and formed a
business alliance, with Morgan carefully developing Yang's laborers'
initiative without inducing any desire for freedom, and with Yang
training Morgan's followers in asceticism.

Svensgaard claimed the infinite seas and started preying on Morgan's
commercial transports. In return, Morgan has sent some decoy transports,
rigged to explode when boarded.

Miriam has decided that Yang and Aki Zeta-5 are abominations for their
inhumanity and must be wiped off the face of Eden. She's not too fond of
Morgan, either, for being a demon's ally. Svensgaard has carefully
avoided attacking Miriam's transports, content to not be a target of her

Aki Zeta-5 has more or less carved out a peaceful niche for herself and
her followers, but now is threatened by Miriam. In response to that, she
has allied with Yang, on the principle that her enemy's enemy is her

In the year 2120, Foreman Domai in Laborer's Throng successfully
revolted against Yang's rule and formed the Free Drone faction. Although
the base was quickly reconquered, with nerve gas, Domai and his fellow
laborers fled to a remote region of Planet to found Utopia.

Domai views Aki Zeta-5 as dangerous, with her conflicting notion of
Utopia, but has found a friend in Svensgaard, a fellow freedom-lover.

Taking advantage of the disruption caused by Domai, Asa Wright, head of
Quality Assurance in Morgan Industries, capitalized on a plan she had
been working on since Planetfall. She and some fellow hackers stole all
of Morgan's technology and incited drones throughout his empire, while
smuggling out supplies with which to found a freer, more cooperative

Roze's actions of course made enemies of both Yang and Morgan, but her
love of Democracy has drawn some of Miriam's wrath, as well.

You will play Roze, with the following turn order:

The modes of victory will be:
Transcendence (but only if the AI does not have the Voice of Planet - no stealing the win from the AI!)
Destroying what all of the other factions hold dear (this will be apparent in the scenario)
Economic (but first you must crush Morgan)
Cooperative victory is disabled

Whenever you capture an enemy HQ, you have a choice:

1. Return it to its original owner, or
2. Let your probe teams go to town with mind control probes on the
faction leader who lives there. Burn down the base to complete the
ravaging of his mind. The victim will become unable to experience that
which he loves. The faction will hate you for the rest of its life, but
will (hopefully) fight less effectively from then on.

Thanks to Dilithium Dad for the Ultimate Builder Map which I tweaked for this scenario.

Other odd features:
The power graph is broken. You do have an aversion to power...
The AIs have new abilities, some secret, some not. Find out for yourself.

Edit: Updated challenge with fix to Roze's techshare ability and faction files.;sa=view;down=246 (;sa=view;down=246)