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Title: Spartan Challenge by Googlie
Post by: sisko on August 18, 2012, 02:40:36 PM
Spartan Challenge by Googlie

Scenario Name: Spartan Challenge
 SMAC/ SMAX: SMAC scenario
 Author: Googlie
 Difficulty level: 
 Date of original posting: 8/2/01
 Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

Background: you are Santiago (Yang has used his evil henchman Ashaandi to mind control the other faction leaders aboard the Unity, except for you and Commissioner Lal) Can you beat the odds?

Link to the downloads entry:;sa=view;down=92 (;sa=view;down=92)

Direct download link: :link: (;sa=downfile&id=92)
*Note: the zip containes a .SAV file. you have to load it as any game save.