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Title: Tale of a Scout
Post by: Trench Dog on May 28, 2019, 03:45:02 AM
Howdy folks. So the premise of this story is that it follows a relatively young, humble scout by the name of Stetson Amberfield within a scouting unit in Alpha Centauri, the narrative focusing on their exploits and findings on Chiron. Stetson has no memory of Earth, having been born on the 20 years voyage to Chiron and one of the few people who were not kept in some form of stasis, being raised and trained on the ship.

The twist? You, the readers can determine different choices the Scout makes and I will write how it impacts the story.

Without further adeiu, I shall start the first choice.

Of the original factions of SMAC does Stetson belong to? (Alien crossfire factions will come later in their own format, but for now lets just keep it to the originals.)