SMAC patch 1.5.2
Alpha Centauri 1.5.2.sit-binhex.hqx
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Description: Alpha Centauri 1.5.2 by Aspyr Media, Inc.
Bug fixes / Changes
  • Added some higher manual refresh rate settings, needed by some newer monitors.
  • You can now bring up the initial "Options" dialog by holding down the command key at startup. The old method of holding down the option key is still supported as well.
  • Added fix for black/white issues with MacOS 9.1.
  • Improved timing characteristics for high-latency net games. Still not perfect, but it should be better.
  • You can now choose which monitor you'd like to play on via the Options dialog. Note that this only applies when you are running the game fullscreen and not in a window.   

Important Note about Mods & Plugins (.zip files)
Most of the mods and plugins that are available on the Internet are compressed with the PC .zip format. Stuffit Expander, by default, will expand .zip files. However, many of these mods will NOT work on your Mac unless you turn text files to Mac text conversion off. Follow the instructions below to do this.

1) In the Finder, search for Stuffit Expander and launch it by double clicking on it.
2) Under "File", select Preferences.
3) Select "Cross Platform".
4) Make sure "Convert text files to Macintosh format" is set to NEVER.
Posted by: sisko October 21, 2010, 11:48:49 AM

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