kyrub's SMAC patch 444_k
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Description: SMAC 444 (AI experiment)

This is an experimental AI patch for SMAC for anybody who still loves and plays this old game. The patch tries to fix the most obvious AI flaws with as little work as possible.

Stability is unknown. Use at your own risk!

Patch contents

- stockpile energy bug
- AI exchange base bug
- children creche morale bonus bug
- AI hurrying price bug
- AI will try to build seaformers even before it has seabases
- more colony pods for University and Morgan
- reversal of distant AI cities (AI can build cities at closest distance again) from SMAC_444_j

- a lesson in basic terraforming (no boreholes yet)
- a few tech_beelines
- more focus on formers, recycling tanks to speed up the early AI game
- no more AI bases at distance = 2
- a few changes to AI unit design
- more AI ships
- AI should now build and use crawlers
- AI should be more likely to build speeders

All this was combined with scient's excellent (unofficial) patch. I decided to put back the total unit 2048 limit, since scient's version crashed the game.

Keywords: kyrub,SMAC,patch,improvement,AI 
Posted by: kyrub November 04, 2012, 10:38:21 AM

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