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Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri & Alien Crossfire rss
If you're a beginner or a dedicated SMAC player and you want to get acquainted with the finer details of the game, then take the time to browse this section. You won't be sorry!
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Internet Art Tutorials rss
Some how-to on Emoticons, Avatars and the like.

By the creator of all these: :) ;) :D :( :o 8) ??? ::) :P :-[ :- :-* :'( :mad: ;lol :danc: ;deidre; ;yang; ;zak; ;morgan; ;santi; ;miriam; ;lal; ;caretake; ;cha; ;aki; ;domai; ;roze; ;ulrik; ;marr; :bot: ;notes; ;excite; ;nuke; ;nutz; ;grrr ;troll ;uno ;goofy; ;bu; :-X ;clenchedteeth ;nod ;lalala :luv: ;popcorn ;sarc ;rotflmao ;leia ;buttdance ;jesus ;lynchmob ;spock ;king ;aaa ;... ;modban ;cute >:) ;realdog ;relish ;eek ;st ;worship ;hippy smilies.  

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SMAC v.4 SMAX v.2 (or previous versions)
17 (6%)
XP Compatibility patch
8 (3%)
Gog version for Windows
68 (27%)
Scient (unofficial) patch
24 (9%)
Kyrub's latest patch
14 (5%)
Yitzi's latest patch
85 (34%)
AC for Mac
2 (0%)
AC for Linux
5 (2%)
Gog version for Mac
10 (4%)
No patch
12 (4%)
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