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Painter Kelly's Academic work in masksYou are here

Links OInterest:

Valdese Heritage  Art Center
 -Local art gallery where we’ve displayed our work.  Lots of talented people crafting great stuff.

An Unorthodox  Halloween
 -A truly gifted and prolific artist who does sculpture, costuming, and shows, mostly  involving Halloween and things scary.

 The Lady Actress: The Life And Career of Anna Cora Mowatt 
 -The only dedicated site on the web about Mrs. Mowatt, a very famous actress/playwright in Victorian times – and a link to Kelly’s book about same, on sale now.

The Curse Of Life
 -Brayton Cole’s debut novel, with cover art by Kelly; a science fiction novel with a fantasy feel -the central character is a princess- and it gets really, really good roughly 50 pages in.

Ginger Mayerson Collage
Collaging her way to more collages.


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